By Ellen - 21/11/2009 00:56 - United States

Today, I learned that you should always make sure the car is in 'park' before you get it on wildly in it. FML
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tropicthunder 3

So you guys had a real sex drive

Sk8trlover19 3

That's common sense, hope you learned from that cuz that's dangerous


#1 assumes everyone in the world is a lazy ass and owns an automatic. idiot. and op ydi for being a dumbass, I hope you rolled into a ditch

Standupboi 0

you stole this from secret girlfriend!!

bexox 0

People watch that show?

moonlit_manga 0

stupidity Is a choice, choose wisely.

joemk2012 0

uh, yes?

and getting it on wildly in your car is bad how?

If the car is in motion while both passengers are as well, it's certainly not going to be a happy ending.

Alchemist919 0

yep, i recognize this from the show secret girlfriend!

lol this happened to me once too. scary as shit!

that just makes it more fun imagine cumming on her face while flying down a hill at 60 miles an hour

mhinaj 0

no duh r u stupid?