By hotmama - 06/10/2018 22:05

Today, I just hit 41 weeks pregnant. Today is also the day my AC decided to die. I live in Florida, where it's hot WITH the AC on. This is gonna be fun. FML
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wolfygirl626 tells us more.

op here! i submitted this two weeks ago and every thing is fine now, did get induced about four days later. since this is my first baby, it was expected of me to go over the due date :P we're both happy, healthy, and chilling with the new window ac.

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take a long dress, make it wet with water, put it on, wait till it's dry, repeat. Greetings from my rooftop flat with no AC =)

MannyWasHere 12

Poor baby!!!


Spicy food, pineapple, and semen are supposed to be good for inducing labor. Congrats on the kid!

take a long dress, make it wet with water, put it on, wait till it's dry, repeat. Greetings from my rooftop flat with no AC =)

hang in there!

Well, you DO have a bun in the oven.

MannyWasHere 12

Poor baby!!!

That blows.. unlike your AC. Hopefully you can get it fixed soon

Go to the mall

How are you 10 months pregnant?

mehimhere 11

it happens... i was about to hit week 42 when they did a c section on me.. sometimes you dont dialate and the little bundle of fun just dosent wanna budge

Pregnancy goes for, on average, 40 weeks, which is actually 9 months. 4 weeks=28 days and every month is 30-31 days, except feb. The extra weeks are made up by those extra days each month

ViviMage 38

It can happen! My sister was. The trigger for labor is not well understood but the last research I did on it was the mature lungs of the baby release a protein into the amniotic fluids that cause the "water to break" and it kicks off a chain reaction. This is sort of a failsafe to keep the baby inside until the lungs are developed enough to handle life outside. You can be induced as well, like my sister was. Dilation did nothing but breaking the water sure did!

A pregnancy is averaged at 40 weeks. That's technically ten months but in America we say nine. Other countries say 10

Even if you had planned home birth you may be better off in hospital now.

ncparry 18

Wow! You need to see your OB immediately and have labour induced! If the baby is in there past due date they can poop and it suffocates them and even goes down in their lungs!! My son was 1 day late and that happened but luckily he didn’t ingest any so he was fine.