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By  juuuliaaa_fml  |  19

Brain Fart. They happen all the time.

  bnp2692  |  6

You know, some people from West Virginia, myself included, have PhDs and successful careers. Please stop acting like we are dumb or that we marry our cousins. If you google marriage laws, you can marry closer relatives in Pennsylvania than you can in West Virginia. Time to get our facts straight, people!


@14 It was a terrible joke that I was compelled to make. Like a kid putting a fork into a light socket. I expected negative criticism. If you take it seriously, then that's offense to only you. This PC stuff sometimes goes too far. We should be able to make fun of one another in good fun without backlash. (Plus, I never said anything about incest. That's all you.)

  PhantomKitty  |  26

While on vacation, I've told people I'm from West Virginia. A lot of people don't realize that it's a state, apparently. A lot of people ask me, "Oh, so do you live anywhere near (Virginian city)? I have family there." No, no I don't. I even had one person get extremely confused and ask me, "But isn't that the western part of Virginia?" Again, no.

  cek727  |  16

I've lived in Virginia (within 20 miles of the WV border) my entire life and this is the first time I have ever heard it called that. Sorry, but no. That's simply not true.

  LyricaSilvan  |  29

I'd like to make a casual point here, 37. I have a friend who grew up believing that dandelions, in their flower form and in white, puffy seed form, were two entirely different plants because no one had ever told her they were the same. This same friend also claims to have heard "many" people use very strange pronunciations of common words, claiming she's learned those are the normal ways of saying the words in question.

The point being that just because you have heard or not heard someone say something, that doesn't mean it is or is not true, respectively.