By Torvaltz - 07/08/2016 08:31 - United States - Clinton

Today, during an important meeting, I forgot the name for West Virginia and described it as, "Virginia a bit to the left". FML
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I mean, technically you're not wrong..

Could've been worse. You could've called it "West ******."


I mean, technically you're not wrong..

Welcome to Virginia a bit to the left! Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

I like how you're welcoming them but at the same time telling them goodbye. xD

Could've been worse. You could've called it "West ******."

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How do you enter it? :P sorry couldn't help myself!

Honestly thought that's where this FML was heading to

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left and west. what's the difference?

I almost spat my drink out upon reading this FML. This is funnier than it should be.

I feel bad but for those of us who live in Virginia it's often just referred to as "Fake Virginia"

While on vacation, I've told people I'm from West Virginia. A lot of people don't realize that it's a state, apparently. A lot of people ask me, "Oh, so do you live anywhere near (Virginian city)? I have family there." No, no I don't. I even had one person get extremely confused and ask me, "But isn't that the western part of Virginia?" Again, no.

I've lived in Virginia (within 20 miles of the WV border) my entire life and this is the first time I have ever heard it called that. Sorry, but no. That's simply not true.

I'd like to make a casual point here, 37. I have a friend who grew up believing that dandelions, in their flower form and in white, puffy seed form, were two entirely different plants because no one had ever told her they were the same. This same friend also claims to have heard "many" people use very strange pronunciations of common words, claiming she's learned those are the normal ways of saying the words in question. The point being that just because you have heard or not heard someone say something, that doesn't mean it is or is not true, respectively.

Oh great, now I have that damn John Denver song stuck in my head!

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Did anybody else read it as "Virgin bit to the left ear" ?

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It ok everyone has brain farts all the time especially if you have a lot on things going on like work, school and personal stuff.