By babysonfire - United States
Today, I woke up to the sounds of fire alarms. Panicked and assuming it was my neighbor's gas furnace that set it off, I nearly broke their baby's bedroom window trying to wake them up. Turns out my roof leaked into the fire alarm, causing an electrical fire. It was my first day here. FML
babysonfire tells us more :
OP here. I wanted to add that this all happened at 3AM during a thunderstorm. The neighbors didn't answer their door until the firefighters knocked. The fire didn't start until they were already here, so there was no smoke at first. The storm blew loose shingles off in 1 place- over the alarm.
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Plus, if it was op's first day in the house, then they obviously weren't aware they had a leaky roof. Not your fault op. Glad you cared enough about the other people to sacrifice staying around during a possible fire to help them out.

  never_three  |  21

#8, the FML reads "...turns out my roof leaked onto the fire alarm, causing an electrical fire" There was a fire. It is possible that it was in the wall which could lead a person to believe that the fire started on the other side instead of inside the wall.

  babysonfire  |  5

There was no fire in my house initially and I was told our alarm systems were connected. When one goes off, they all do. But apparently they had installed their own system in the period when I was waiting to move in.