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OP here! First off, when I called the number, a man answered. When I told him I found a phone,(an iPhone5c for those that are curious) he told me to "fuck off" and that I had the wrong number, then hung up on me. He called the phone back a few minutes later and I could hear him yelling to what I assumed was his wife/GF in the background. He was asking her if she went out shopping? and how dare she spend his money, plus lose her phone! I did give the phone to the manager of the department store and told the man to pick it up there tomorrow if he wants it, since the store was already closed for the night. My heart is just uneasy because I know that my call caused what seems to be an argument between the lady that owns the phone and an irate man. I could tell he was very controlling and she was very afraid of him.
By Enslaved - / Friday 20 February 2015 03:16 / United States - Homestead
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  JayVicious  |  20

in all seriousness tho she could definatly have earned her cash for shopping n he just be controlling with the money.....or she could be a shopaholic that doesn't know when to stop before going into bill/food money. Hard to tell.

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