By Liamj774 - 30/07/2015 01:42 - United States - Hudson

Today, at a baseball game, I smiled and waved at the little girl in front of me. She cried. FML
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OP here, first off, I'm glad this got posted. I was at the game and the little girl was about 1 or 2 years old. For the entire game she looked happy as can be, until I smiled at her. Her face went from the happiest on earth to the saddest thing you could find. Just the change of emotion made me feel terrible. But yeah, probably just another child being a ******** now that I think about it.

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don't take it personally. children suck in general.

She probably just remembers stranger danger.


don't take it personally. children suck in general.

No, people who say children suck in general are the ones who "suck in general."

Do you have and or live with a child 4? They are THE DEVIL INCARNATE

Children are the worst, they cry and scream over nothing and then find it hilarious when they break your stuff.

Just think, you used to do all those things yourself! If you say you didn't, then that means that not all kids are like that. In fact, most aren't. When children scream or cry, it usually means that something is wrong with them, whether it's that their hungry, cold, tired, sick, or in pain. People laughing about breaking other people's belongings isn't something that magically stops happening because the person turns ten or whatever age you think stops defining a child as a child. It's almost like they're smaller versions of adult humans- oh, wait, they ARE.

I have 2 children under the age of 5 and they don't laugh when they break things. usually they don't even mean to, but they do cry and scream bc they're mad rather than bc something is wrong.

They also split people's eardrums when they're happy, and being destructive or hurtful makes them happy (see just about every kid-related FML as proof). There's no rational basis to it, so unless you find them cute, and I most definitely do not, then yeah, they suck.

Yes #7 I do have a daughter. She isn't perfect but she doesn't "suck in general" nor do any of the other kids I've lived with.

I'm second oldest of 10 (yes split family) and 7 of them are under 12. I have lived with up to 5 of them at a time and honestly I love children, yeah they can be brats sometimes, but even adults can be. They don't think it's funny to break things or hurt people and they only scream and shout if they feel it's the only way to get there point across how unhappy they are about something because most people don't listen when children talk. There is nothing wrong with children, we all started out that way.

Maybe it wasn't you she was crying at. :-)

Are you the mascot? Because sometimes they are kinda scary.

I highly doubt in the context of this FML that he would be the Mascot.

It seems like this site has a woeful misunderstanding of sarcasm. That is disappointing.

She probably just remembers stranger danger.

Don't worry its a hit and miss with little kids. usually they just stair at me awkwardly the whole time or they just randomly start crying :/ They make me feel like a monster.

maybe you're doing something wrong if you are usually making children cry.

thats the thing though i dont do anything wrong no matter what i try they usually just cry when they see me in general. i mean i know im ugly but i hope not that ugly

don't feel bad. I waved at a little boy in a grocery store and he told his mom there was a scary person behind her. I feel ya OP!

mocky_mauz 7

i would be afraid of kirby with a gun too

EcoAirWarrior 7

Don't worry I frequently used to upset children and toddlers as well so I've grown to despise them and now frighten them purposefully. It's actually rather amusing at how easily they get frightened. You'll grow to appreciate your unusual talent in time and utilize it to your advantage.

That honestly seems pointlessly cruel, and screwed up. You enjoy terrorizing children, and consider that a good thing? That is actually a trait of several human predatory types, you are aware?

*Sniffle* That's the most evil thing I can think of. *Wipes tear from eye*

EcoAirWarrior 7

I don't care about the implications and enjoy the attention it draws. It's cruel and twisted but that's one interpretation I believe you need to be fierce to survive. Kill or be killed its the law of the jungle

RedPillSucks 31

Troll! There's a troll in the dungeon!!

EcoAirWarrior 7

I'm not joking I legitimately possess a hatred of children and genuinely enjoy upsetting them. I dislike most people actually. The only ones I really trust are animals especially my own pets like my golden retriever. I dislike children because they're loud, unpredictable, awkward and messy

I avoid children to avoid situations like this. oh no wait, I avoid children because I hate them in general.

When I save up enough money to open my own 30 and older only island, you can come live on it.