By KatiRozz1 - United Kingdom - Middlesbrough
Today, I found out that the catchy Japanese song I've been obsessed with for the past week is actually about a dildo. FML
RoseTheOdd tells us more :
I'm the op :) The song is called "Choudo ii ino" which means, "It's just right" if you look up the lyrics for it (with the english translation) it becomes pretty obvious what it's about. my friend is Japanese, she told me what it meant.
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  EvilUndead  |  9

73. Japanese-exclusive games sometimes feature title songs. Some of those songs are really really good, BUT you will not find translated lyrics for them.

So just give up and learn the language already.

  then000bster  |  16

106, some of us aren't blessed with magical language learning skills. Op is listening for the joy of it, you don't have to know it to appreciate it, it's after the fact that they appreciate it they wish to know what it's about.
Also at #31 I think it was, surprised that there is a song about dildos? This is Japan, you will find amny weird things including but not limited to; Hard Gay(WWWHHHOOOOO!!!!), pranking people in porta-potties, little children's songs about pooping.

  iSmellMusic  |  8

I listen to J-pop all the time without knowing the meaning at first. But looking up the English lyrics can be useful. For example, I now know how to say "I can take off my panties" in Japanese: "Pantsu nugeru mon."


@116: Just remember that sometimes, in Japanese songs or fiction, some characters or singers might talk in ways that would sound odd if you used them in real conversation, so, if you are seriously considering learning Japanese, learning phrases through translated songs is probably not the best place to start.

  EvilUndead  |  9

115, being blessed with magical language learning skills is overrated, since pretty much nobody is born with those magical skills. 2 or 3 years of continuous effort/study, and you'll know the language, no matter what language it is. Since OP listens to jpop a lot, that might be worth it.

  dinosaurzombie  |  14

Okay, actually, I thought this was a funny comment. Why does it have so many negative votes?