By Anonymous - 21/11/2020 16:58

Thanks, government

Today, I'm at North Fort Hood deploying with the Army Reserves, where the motto is, "You'll prefer to be in Iraq." We're in COVID quarantine with over 100 people in our barracks. We may never get out of here. FML
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  RichardPencil  |  30

Before you thank them, you have to find out which military they are in.

Are they on the side that's for the Constitution and will escort Trump from the White House on January 20, or the side that will impose his dictatorship?

By  Grizz8831  |  13

so... tontine time? 100 people and a possibly deadly outbreak. if you are the healthy one you stand to make a bit of cash... but for reals sorry to here and that massively sucks.