By TooLoud - 31/05/2015 00:12 - United States - Moorpark

Today, I got a text from my neighbor complaining about my girlfriend and me being too noisy in bed. I'm at work. FML
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I would probably go to your neighbor and talk to him and make sure of exactly what he or she heard. Good luck and hope it works in your favor, OP.

Hopefully they were talking about at night and not at that moment. If they were talking about the latter then I'm sorry Op. That's not fun at all. Might be time to have a serious talk with your girlfriend if it indeed was the latter.


No matter how much your girlfriend wants to hide it theres always a leak.

Maybe she was watching porn.

Ah damn it. That was my first thought as well, but I missed your comment. Yey to porn!

really loud porn haha

At least you weren't showing your boss something on your phone. :/

savy_m 14

Yikes.... Not the best way to find out....

it could be coz of various things take any decision after you have seen it from your very own eyes

Maybe she was just watching porn and forgot the headphones?

Tell her u been cheating on her and c if she says me too. But stand far, and have a back up if she's not. lol

I bet you get all the ladies.

For each lady he gets, he actually has "two". Just in case.

FMLusername969 21

I don't get it #18

Please tell me more, oh master of relationshits

The lady is getting ploughed so hard the neighbors r complaining and you all would still get mad at the guy fake cheating. My advice, the first comment plus jst cheat 4 real, dnt lie about it, that's jst wrong.

Can the neighbor hear the other guy?

Yeah that can be pretty awkward. Figure out when they heard the noise and if they had seen anyone come or go.

Oh ho ho... I'm just going to stand over here and enjoy that subtly. :D

Damn OP, I always had that paranoia myself as to what's going on at home when I'm working. I hope it's something other than what most of us may be thinking.

Sad that's what it's like these days where a lot of people can't trust the one person they should be able to trust the most.

Perhaps it's time to buy a Nanny-Cam just to be sure.