Toxic parenting done right

By I have identified the source - 18/10/2022 19:00 - United States

Today, I finally confronted my parents about my depression and avoidant personality disorder. I showed them a well-kept journal of every time they've disregarded my feelings on something completely valid. I'd worked on this journal since I was ten years old. They denied it all and told me to "quit being a crybaby." FML
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Battousai124 6

1. Tell them to **** themselves 2. Ghost them and go Non-Contact 3.??? 4. Profit


Battousai124 6

1. Tell them to **** themselves 2. Ghost them and go Non-Contact 3.??? 4. Profit

Avoidance is a personality disorder? It keeps a lot of ******* from getting killed like they deserve. If it weren't for avoiding conflict, the War on the ******* would have started years ago. The ******* might win, but then they'd annoy the shit out of each other and wipe out the rest of the human race.

you need to talk to a therapist. sounds like you self diagnosed yourself and that disorder you have is part of depression. you truly won't know until you get help and therapy. your parents might not be as bad as you make them out to be. or they might be but you will get the tools you need to handle it and become head strong.

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Go for the latter option mate. Then post your fml about the aftermath.

My mother is the exact same way. What my therapist kept telling me today: you cannot fix this. You can’t fix someone who is willfully choosing not to see the problem. You *can* choose to take a moment and think “Them choosing to ignore the problem is *their* fault, not mine”, and move on. This sounds waaay easier said than done. And it is. And it sucks the whole way through. But ultimately it will lead to a way healthier state of mind when you stop relying on people who are actively choosing not to understand you for your emotional wellbeing. Deep breaths, keep going. You *will* be able to get through this and drop them like a brick someday.

I wouldn't say you deserve to hear that. But I kinda thought 'Well, would you have expected otherwise?'. I have had my fair share of neglectant/neglecting (?) parents... It really f**s someone up, growing up like that. And then trying to deal with when you're grown up, and supposed to be a emotionally healthy adult. How? I hope you'll find the right people in your life and, if needed, the right help to find light in your life <3