By mal - 08/05/2012 20:46 - United Kingdom - Chelmsford

Today, I brought my girlfriend home while my parents were at work, and things got a little heated. We lost track of time, because the next thing we knew, my dad burst into the living room. He doubled over laughing and asked how much I paid her. FML
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Harsh...but come on, how much did you pay?

shift_love 13

Ahhhh dear old dad. Always love to make a mockery of his sons sex life.


Harsh...but come on, how much did you pay?

Oh boy, let the comments with random prices begin.

Let's start the bidding at £40...

My only question isn't how much, but did they like have the window open or was she just screaming like a banshee? At least in the houses I've been in, the livingroom is connected to the door or entryway.

Awes0meperson 10

Ya but the living room is where everyone hangs out, so he might have seen them, and then decided to burst in to be funny.

Colonel_Lexi 18

...then OP said, "$700, with your credit card!"

tjv3 10

Hahahaha your dad is funny

shift_love 13

Ahhhh dear old dad. Always love to make a mockery of his sons sex life.

Old Greg why are you on here

I would have told him to either join in or piss off!

Awes0meperson 10

So let me get this straight… you would want your dad to join in on you and your girlfriend having sex? Thats a little weird…

Girlybanana 2

25- the fuck? That is wrong on so many levels

what's wrong with that? the family that plays together, stays together

Colonel_Lexi 18

44-Remind me to never ever go to your family reunions

But what about the boat times? That wasn't a time it was more of an exposure, wasn't it, really?

my name is greg...

Seriously, how much?

He paid her in Chuck-E-Cheese Tokens.

23, the first three comments were submitted pretty much at the same time. So her comment was original, just missed out by a millisecond or so.

In fairness, this appeared at the exact same time as my comment...great minds think alike apparently...or fools seldom differ. Whatever floats your boat...

You fools have great minds. What happens if nothing floats my boat?

Then you're gonna start sinking, my friend

Made my day, thank you kind sir.

He gave her chocolate, then they started playing ps. Guys you know what I mean ;)

Pokemon silver?

kevinn95 0

Play station ;D

Well it seems like someone needs to learn how to use a lock on a door

SweetlyPsycho 4

No! Someone needs to learn how to have sex in their room.

Good point, someone needs to learn to have sex in their locked bedroom Btw awesome profile pic

Achall91 17

Even if he had locked the door it wouldn't matter because the dad probably had a key considering it is his house and all. There wouldn't have been a problem if the son and his girlfriend were in his room with the door locked instead of the living room.

charlesPscene 4


at least he has a sense of humor. he was your age once, so he understands!

exactly. A good sense of humor.

KiddNYC1O 20

He's thinking "That's my boy."

#34 more "shit how much did he use this time?"

blcksocks 19

You could say "more than what you paid to get yours". No wait, that would be saying shit about your mom..

21 actually it would... just saying

Just don't pull a "Secret Service" on her and you should be fine. :)

I love parents with a sense of humour.

That's better that wtf are you doing?

While you should be glad your dad has a sense of humor, his comment was a little rude towards your girlfriend :/

cayytee 0

or she could just laugh too i know i would if my bfs dad did that. or she could take it as shes really pretty : )

Either way he's calling her a prostitute. I wouldn't like it.

14 your profile pic is awesome.