By Anonymous - 17/03/2013 10:14 - United States

Today, I found out through his Facebook update and a text message that my fiancé demoted me to girlfriend status. I was sitting in the next room. FML
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Glitterhinoceros 14

Demote him to homeless status.

I'd demote his lame ass to EX-boyfriend status.


Glitterhinoceros 14

Demote him to homeless status.

scarface90 8

How does he demote his fiancée to girlfriend? Does he take back the proposal and the ring but they still date?? Do yourself a favor OP and dodge that bullet before he demotes you from wife to fiancée if you get married

I think someone didn't get his steak and ******* on march 14th.

Thr33to16 8

Nice job assuming they live together and that op owns the place.

I'm just curious #1, if you ran into Maria, what would happen???

While I see your point she can't make him homeless we don't know if he owns their home or if she does. I think the correct phrase is demote him to single status.

I'd demote his lame ass to EX-boyfriend status.

That would be firing his lame ass, wouldn't it?

Why do people immediately use the 'Dump them' or 'Sue them' cards? I understand sometimes its inevitable, but on occasion it can be resolved by a discussion.

Are you asking for maturity and communication to be brought into relationships? The nerve....

Well, if he's right next to you, I don't know, ask him WHY, maybe?

NickaPLZ 26

There may be more to this... Yeah I got nothing. Leave him.

Maybe he was tired from being sick and still having to do the dishes after coming home from work?

Leave him.. then you can get the house to yourself..

There's probably a reason you got demoted. Maybe you shouldn't do things for him to demote you. Ever thought of that?

There's still no reason he couldn't have talked to her to her face about those problems

Demote? Ha! Fire him if he can't tell you to your face.

I'm wondering if the text explained anything, or if it simply said to check Facebook?

Or if the text was from a friend asking WTF happened.

Pawn the ring, then when he does re-propose make him get you a new one.