By aishyaslife89 - 06/10/2015 22:03 - United States - Dayton

Today, I found out that when I was 4 I killed my bunny by drowning it. Apparently, my aunt bribed me to do it because it pooped in her shoes. FML
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Well that's terribly immature and inappropriate of your auntie, I'm sorry OP.

That is immature. But I really want to know what she bribed OP with

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Try illegal. That's animal abuse, and she could go to jail.

It seems to border on sociopathy, actually.

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Really starting to wonder what OP's aunt bribed them with to do such a thing...

A 4 year old impressionable kid told by an important adult figure to hold a bunny underwater, I doubt it required much.

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I doubt OP would need therapy for something they only remembered because someone told them about it.

because tax payers pay for everything else, so why not? ?

I'm fairly certain all therapist "offices", or whatever they're called, are privately owned.

#35 Although I agree with you that OP probably isn't gonna need therapy for it, I just want to remind you that a lot of disorders can be caused by early childhood trauma, which is often hidden in suppressed memories. As in, things that happened to you when you were a kid that you didn't remember because your brain suppressed the memories as they were too stressful to handle for you.

Wow, that's just....awful. Terribly sorry, OP.

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Your aunt seems to be a psycho!

Wow your Aunt must get invited to a lot of family reunions. Sorry for your loss.

Ladies and gentlemen meet the youngest hit man ( boy ) for hire. Only a juice box and a snack pack and he will kill your pet for you.

Even worse, he'll kill his own pet, he'll kill yours for a chocolate bar.