By PetitPrincePerdu - 08/05/2009 00:42 - United States

Today, I found my mother wandering the halls of my fraternity unescorted and asked why she was here, she told me she was concerned when I didn't pick up my phone for two days. She then informed me that she had also moved to the same city I live in. My mother moved over 600 miles to stalk me. FML
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Today, I tried calling my son yet again, and got no response. I've been calling him for days. I'm worried out of my mind and I'm going to move 600 miles to be with him. FML

You couldn't call her back after your hangover ended?


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#9 no I wasnt, we're talkin college here, I am grown

#11: Wow, then she's a psycho. Scary.

My mother did something similar though to be fair I should have called her. I came home for a holiday from living abroad and went out with my friends. After the 3rd day of partying with them my friend got a phonecall from the bar where he worked saying a woman had come in looking for me. As she didn't know where my friend lived or have his phone number she freaked out and went to the only place she thought he might be. Mothers worry. Thats what they do. Just give them a text or a quick phonecall/e-mail when they try contact you to let them know you are ok and that usually calms them down.

Can you place a restraining order on your own mother if she's actually 'stalking' you? You're a grown man! You should be able to do whatever you damn well please! I moved. 1,000 miles away to get away from my parents! I couldn't be happier. It's too hot down here for them to even consider pulling what your mother did.

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#7 it might be hard considering how busy this time of the semester is with people. papers are do. finals are happening. extremely busy. sometimes its hard to make a phone call when you have all that to worry about. op: your mom scares me.

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sounds like my mom who said if i go away to college that she was gonna move near me

Same. My mother is looking for a job near my university, actually. Plus, before I left, she told me that she would be there, and I wouldn't even know it. O.o

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My mother was vaguely like that when I was in college. We could only get reception in the dorms by leaning out the window, so I didn't use my cell much. I'd wake up to her leaving IMs like, "I know you're on and have me blocked!" It was the oddest thing. Luckily, she grew out of it, and I hope the same for you.

hahaha, omg this sounds exactly like my mom! i went to la for a day and when i never called her back saying i got back to my college she proceeded to call all my friends at 2am trying to find out why i never called her. and she's flying 3000 miles from ny to "pack up my stuff for storage" next week. there goes celebration time after finals :( i feel really bad for my lil brother though, she pretty much told him from now that she's moving to wherever he ends up going to college lmao.