By CaptainKidd - 30/01/2016 02:34 - United States - Jonesboro

Today, I finally scrounged up enough change to do laundry, so I loaded up my car, swung by the bank to take out my rent money, and stopped at a gas station to get a drink. When I came outside, my car was gone, along with all my clothes and rent money. FML
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No, I didn't leave the car running. I do leave an extra set I keep hidden in the car so in the two minutes I was gone, I guess they got lucky. To clear up some confusion, I'm a college student and have to live paycheck to paycheck. I don't get paid nearly enough at my job, and as soon as I get paid, that money goes to rent, leaving just enough for food. For laundry, I save up the change I get from work until I have enough to do a load.

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Lt_Senpai 21

At least you still have the clothes on you.

i dont think this lil bit of postivity can make OP feel better. i hope the cops can find your car with your belongings OP!

Should've paid more attention to your car

If people do what they should have done, we won't have any of these lovely FMLs now, would we?

You obviously didn't notice the pun #21

moocowmilk0 19

Jeez that really sucks sorry that had to happen to you OP

cprad11 12

I never understand why people leave a comment such as "that sucks" when they can just tap the same option below the FML post. What happened obviously sucks, and it should go without reiteration.

It's because reading the comment feels alot better than seing the number of FYI's. Furthermore there are always accidental taps.

cprad11 12

#42 Yet the ratio of FYLs to YDIs remains consistent throughout. It does no good to factor in accidental taps, nor does it do any good to comment something as pointless as "that sucks."

A07 48

I'm confused, why take the rent money out if you already had change for laundry.

Because most landlords want money for rent

Because, along with clean clothes, it's nice not being homeless.

OP was going to do two errands while out and about.

A07 48

Ahh, gotcha. I was half dead on pain meds when I commented first

I also hate it when my clothes steal my car.

I hate it when my car steals my clothes.

I hate it when my rent money holds my clothes hostage in my car!

Perfect opportunity to change your style since you need to buy new clothes now!

Maybe OP loved their old style and would rather have his rent money, car and old clothes.

Tell me something I don't know. I'm just trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

NomeDMF 17

I don't think OP changing their style is necessarily making the best out of the situation.