By whatno - 19/06/2013 23:40 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I caught my 16-year-old daughter and her boyfriend trying to use a latex glove as a condom. FML
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SmelloJello 9

I hope you went oldies style and smacked them in the face with said glove.


SmelloJello 9

I think they took "no glove no love" too literally.

I hope it worked. Maybe they shouldnt breed.

Devilpuppy0861 7

This remonds me of the Family Guy episode with the hefty garbage bags.

All sizes found, whether in the pinky, the middle finger or the thumb! And i second what said @1

Bag - HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY! Condom - Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy!

You can already see how Fked upp that Generation is haha lets not even talk about the next one

tjv3 10

Get a chastity belt and put it on her ! They don't sound too bright

jw90 18

Haha what the hell? How does that even..never mind..I don't wanna know.

I would assume that it begins with a dick the size of a finger. But then again, I'm just assuming here...

hopefully his thing didn't fit in the pinky of the glove that be embarrassing

It probably just stays in the palm area. (No matter it's size) :P

Blow it up and make it look like a rooster first!

Mizzesbestie 13

I'm not a rooster but you wanna see what this **** will do to you ;)

139--considering the fact that you're a girl with a cat head--no thanks.

FlowerMama 20

#24 - His "thing"? What are you, six years old?! It's called a "penis"; you'd think you'd at least be comfortable saying THAT, considering you have one yourself. Grow up.

I hope you went oldies style and smacked them in the face with said glove.

so sorry. tell em to stop looking shit up on the internet and you give em the sex talk. damn.

Let me know where that is on the internet. *facepalm* Just the thought of using a glove as a condom is freaken retarded so nobody would have this online without being a troll to someone.

RedPillSucks 31

It's the internet. There's stupid stuff there as well as nuggets of wisdom.

i assume you live in a red state where sex education is inadequate at best.

I live in Illinois and i received no sex education, so not sure what you're trying to say..That's just lack of common sense by OP's daughter and her boyfriend.

skyttlz 32

Things like this make me happy I live in Canada. We got basic sex ed in third grade (basically explaining the mechanics and anatomy, and how you can get pregnant), another class in sixth grade (puberty and safe sex), and again in ninth grade biology, which went really in depth about STDs, getting pregnant, how to put on a condom - even abortion. Being educated is the first step.

OhDearBetrayal 25

I live in Minnesota and we got sex education every year from fourth grade on. We're a purple state.

Xquisite1 28

I don't think this is a matter of lack of sex education. I just think it was two horny teens who wanted to **** but didn't have a condom, so they IMPROVISED. That's all.

In this day and age I would just get her some condoms. They are both boneheads for using a glove like that though.

gloooooria 14

You would encourage sexual behavior of two teenage kids who think its a smart idea to use a latex glove as a source of protective against unwanted pregnancy and STD's? By buying them condoms??? I would have to completely disagree. OP should look into having a discussion with their kid.

chlorinegreen 27

I would rather they be safe then pregnant. If they want to have sex they will find a way. At least they're "trying" to be safe. I think buying condoms may be a good idea and also talking to them about safety and consequences. I'm sorry op you had to find out like that though.

Well, she's 16. I'd rather they waited longer but that's the legal age over here and many people lose it earlier...I also don't think it's possibile to get them to change their minds at this point. So yes, educate but maybe also condoms. I'm more surprised that they couldn't find any though. At that age, free condoms are offered at every teen sex thing, at the clinic (even if you're not asking for them) and friends always have spares. They're pretty damn hard to avoid.

blink_kid 32

Also, I've heard of so many guys who just point blank refuse to use a condom and the girl goes with it because she "loves" him. They're trying, help them out a little.

48, where I live age of consent is 16. In some countries it can be as low as 14 or even 12(though 12 is rare). So, giving them condoms would make sense - that's cheaper than dealing with unexpected grandchildren, anyway.

TheDrifter 23

Perhaps take the daughter in to get birth control too. With this kind of deep, intellectual thought there are bound to be condom malfunctions.

But would you trust a girl that dumb to remember to take her pills every day?

They have a shot that you only have to get once every 3 months. My fiance is on that because she didnt want to have to deal with a pill every day.

You mean Depo? That stuff is nasty, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Besides the regular hormonal side effects it gives you, it also decreases your bone mass and can lead to osteoporosis if it's used for too long.

I swear it's the chemicals in the food that's making these kids retarded... No offense there OP

a little dense.. but at least they tried to use protection. maybe they're onto something though.. never thought of using a latex glove as a 5 in 1 condom.

Soniye 14

Just to clarify, that facepalm was directed at #40.

RedPillSucks 31

I'm sure he was joking. I thought it was funny.