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  tounces7  |  27

Well, it's not really a "job" though, just a contract. Is that even worth it? The hassle of moving, finding a place to live, and then presumably moving back, just for 3 months of work?

Unless it's a high paying job, which doesn't seem likely if OP has been looking for work for months, it just seems like more hassle than it's worth.


The FML doesn't actually say that he wanted to break up. It could just be that her boyfriend just wanted her to have a job and was willing to have an LDR.

He probably does want to break up, but it really isn't definite.

By  StormfrontX33_fml  |  24

I will never understand why men feel threatened by women when it comes to income. A dollar earned by a woman has the same purchasing power as one earned by a man. A relationship is a partnership of contribution. OP is better off without him.

  Tsumetai_  |  11

I don't think that's the reason. I think it's cause he doesn't want to move and doesn't want a long distance relationship. He's still an ass for telling her to move out like that and basically breaking up with her.

3 hours distance and 3 months is nothing.
I haven't seen my GF in over a year and it takes me 21 hours to get to her.

By  Procryon  |  10

OP, you are but a nomad jumping across the stepping stones of life. Take the opportunities you get, and chase them. If someone else can't respect your decisions, then don't waste anymore time with them. You've got your whole life ahead of you, don't get hung on this one guy who can't give you support or encouragement to go after opportunities.