By ireallylikecats - United States
Today, I saw a lady with a stroller in the park. She stopped at the water fountain and got a drink, then left without her baby. I ran to the stroller and started rolling it after her. Two grown men attacked me, accusing me of trying to steal said baby. Turns out it was a baby doll. FML
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  ebonyirony  |  29

those are bullshit anyway. like that john quiones(sp) show

people who watch those types of shows probably already do the right thing so watching people do the right thing on them is this weird masturbatory pat on the back. "hey i would do that too. yeahh. "

  nityasomaiya  |  46

Ooh, something's fishy. There could be drugs in the doll. After all, she was carrying it around in a stroller. Either that, or the lady was crazy (with desire of a child).

  Eliseopwns  |  22

What if those two men were the ones buying the drugs in the baby..?