By lellow_171 - 19/11/2012 01:47 - United States - Peoria

Today, my boyfriend and I had amazing make-up sex after a huge fight. Turns out he forgot to let me know it was actually break-up sex. FML
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lellow_171 tells us more.

I'm OP. And here is the background. I did something stupid, he broke up with me earlier in the week but had told a friend of mine he'd consider getting back together if we talked about it, so I thought me getting back into counseling and us talking about it was fixing things. I don't think he knew it was break-up sex when we had it, but our pillow talk turned into him breaking up with me once again. I still love him, and he has always been great. I just blew things and when I thought they were being fixed, they actually weren't. So in a sense I deserve it, since he didn't really know it was break-up sex until he broke up with me a second time, right after the sex. So that was awesome. Sucks even more that it happened during the busiest week of school for the year (busier than finals for me). So all of my grades are being determined while I'm trying to get over a boy, and going back to counseling for major depression. AWESOME.

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Your boyfriend is a dick.

Ah, yet another woman complaining about an asshole breaking up with her. You should be out celebrating the fact that you're free of this cretin who doesn't have the decency to be honest with you.


Your boyfriend is a dick.

At least he knows how to use it.

Sounds like it's already ex-boyfriend.

astralvagan 20

18, wouldn't that be the point of "break up sex"?

We may not be fit to comment on this, because we don't even know what the fight was about.. Not saying what he did is right, but there IS always two sides to every story..

manonthemoon3 4

Wrong. There are 3 sides to every story. Your side, their side, and the truth.

free2speak 14

Yeah, this definitely sounds like one of those complicated FMLs where you can't really judge the OP or the other person.

I wonder if he hit her with a used condom after?

Or if she smeared cum on his face.

@ 26 in this case, maybe. So maybe if you're a constant liar then yeah, "wrong", there are always 3 sides to every story. Doesn't mean everyone in the world lies about everything though.

77- but people tend to remember things in a way that favors their ego subconsciously and not tell the whole story. It isn't calling everyone liars, a lot of time in conflicting stories like this people genuinely are telling the truth of what they know it to be, which is a lot of times lost to both people due to all of the emotions

55 tf?! people do that?! that's messed up

He sounds like a jackass, you should be glad he's gone!

quite a charmer you got there. Or had there... sorry :/

Ah, yet another woman complaining about an asshole breaking up with her. You should be out celebrating the fact that you're free of this cretin who doesn't have the decency to be honest with you.

That is one creepy looking skull. I can't be the only one thinking that.

cutiepie292929 18

I think the same haha!

SApprentice 34

30- It's just a 3D head CT guys, they all look kind of like that. I actually preferred the foot- gave me the feeling he was stepping on us with his comments.

No that skull is sexy af.

31 - I get the feeling Docs pictures are of people he's seen or fixed.

Yes indeed they are.

Lol. How long till they figure out its not a skull?

Now that just sucks. At least you're not with such a douche anymore.

Grr. 6 had a really dumb comment but then edited it after I replied. So now I have to do the same.

...haha and here I am editing my comment as well

OhDearBetrayal 25

For some people it's a kind of closure thing.

At least it was amazing while it lasted... Sorry op

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Same thoughts #3.

Take it in the right spirit, now you can have amazing "just friends" sex!

Funkymunky1511 4

Sorry OP, that's really suck.. He just want to take advantage of you for the last time... He's an asshole.