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Today, I was fired because I skipped a week of work without calling nor telling anyone. His secretary forgot to tell him about my scheduled days off for anticipation for my daughter's birth. My boss had already hired someone else so he gave me his secretary's job. Wrong time for a pay decrease. FML
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We are to notify the secretary of extended leave of absence - not the boss. The day or two after I made this post, the Boss gave me my old job back. Thankfully the new guy hadn't actually started working yet - so he was apologized to and did not start working. My boss hasn't filled his secretary position and I don't think he intends to. The company gave me a 10k/yr raise due to the circumstances.

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I say get a lawyer and sue. That's ridiculous. The least he could do, if he was gonna give you his secretary's job, is paying you the same he did before.


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wow I hope you were the product of a failed condom you ******* twat

If people weren't born you wouldn't be here being such a ******* idiot. STFU

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#40: yeaaaaa.. i don't think they're referring to the OP, they were referring to #1...

that is actually illegal- you have rights as a mother. take the dick to court!

The father also has rights, so yeah, take the ass to court.

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Which one the one that the guy replaced or Him? Cause the one that he replaced did deserve to lose her/his job if she/he forgot to tell the boss something.

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Yes, this. Be thankful the Boss was at least understanding enough to kick the Seceratary's ass to the curb. I know several Managers who wouldn't do this, even if they knew for sure that it was the Seceratary's fault. You still have a lower, yet steady income. Stop being so emo and look at the fact that you still have a job.

YDI Even if you notified the secretary before, in most place you need bosses signature, if you didn't need it, you should at least made sure you told him personally and when the big day came, again let people know. If you plan on being out for a week, who was going to be doing your job. Poor kids daddy's an idiot

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In certain businesses, it's the secretary's job to handle these situations while the boss attends his business meetings or flies all over the world on business trips and handles more important things than which of his hundred employees is taking this week off. Obviously in this situation the secretary was the one who messed up, otherwise the boss presumably wouldn't have fired her to give this guy a job.

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I'm sorry dude that must suck. But you know you should have went into his office personally the last day you worked before the days off and told him about your plans.

Amen brotha - in this day and age - I feel for the OP, but I also gotta say suck it up and be happy you still have a steady income

Yeah - or he could have called after his employee didn't come to work the first day. You know, trying to find out what happened before firing him?

very sensible advice... gamer? wot platform/s? DmoniX-PS3 id

Agree whole-heartedly with #4. You have a wonderful new baby, and you still have a job. Stop whining already!

How do you know the new baby is wonderful? It could be a normal baby and therefore gross for all you know.

I say get a lawyer and sue. That's ridiculous. The least he could do, if he was gonna give you his secretary's job, is paying you the same he did before.

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Hey it's cool and all to be homosexual, I don't care about that, but don't be pissy just because you'll never have the privledge to witness your child's birth.

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You're right, some people do have to miss the birth of their children. However, not all do, and most make every attempt to be there. Maybe he had some extra vacation days and/or sick days he needed to use anyway. Maybe there were complications during the pregnancy and he wanted to be sure he was there. He took the appropriate measures (asking off work) and someone else screwed it up. That isn't his fault. And while I'm sure he's happy to not be unemployed, have YOUR job taken away for something you didn't do wrong, you'd probably be pissed too. Especially with a new baby to care for.

you obviously don't have kids, dumbass.

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So go die there would be 1 less!

Exactly! What makes you special enough to be here if the baby shouldn't?

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It does suck and it's not totally your own fault, but you should have talked to your boss personally. At least you still have a job though. And congratulations on the birth of your child!

Did you have some form of documentation stating that you had requested those days off and gotten it approved? I'm assuming you didn't. If you did, well, USE IT.

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He probably had documentation otherwise he'd still be unemployed.

He probably didn't, most times you need to have boss's signature on authorization. If hadn't recieved it, he should have went to the boss to see what was up

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This was posted by a man, so I'm taking a guess here, he was prob the father of the baby.

It says it's a man. Maybe he just wanted to be there for his wife.

You fail, my friend. Learn to read. This was posted by a man. His wife or girlfriend gave birth to his child.

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Don't you just hate it when you fail? I don't, I find it hilarious.

And also, if it had been a female, you can go back to work after a week. So you're even more retarded.