By Ryan746 - 09/06/2009 05:45 - United States

Today, I asked a girl out and made plans to go see a movie. About 5 minutes in, I made a move to put my arm around her and smashed her in the face. FML
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YDI - You wait more then five minutes to pull this move.

smashed her in the face? how is that possible? i always thought you move you arm slowly...


Alex_Wilko 0

Uh yeah... kinda failed there a bit. But it isn't that bad. The worst part of that story is the lame move you tried (and failed) to pull. FYL.

Smooth move jackass! But seriously, don't feel too bad. This happened. Hell, even my wife has done it to me once. If this girl is worth it then she will see the lighter side of it.... just hope her father/brothers do to if she gets a bruise.

I think that makes you the boss of her.

ajscw 0

Wow I wouldve left

smashed her in the face? how is that possible? i always thought you move you arm slowly...

man, that's a must see!! hahahaha.. i'm sorry but the arm around the girl at a movie theatre is a cliché. it's uncomfortable most of the times. Dude, you have the chance to make it up to her and be real nice! see the whole thing as something kewl that happened and that you will talk about and laugh about it later. well unless you really knocked her out. Im clumsy sometimes and trust me, chicks like it. Well those with a sense of humour at least, the rest aren't worth the hassle.

I always do the arm thing. I know it's cliche and I make sure she knows I know that; I just like to keep things light and fun.

She shuld punch u back.

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Next time pull the ol "cut a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket & put ur fuckstick in it". Even if it grosses her out, you @least got ur junk handled

108- lol r u mental??? OP is obviously a guy...