By not eyelid - 20/09/2016 19:53 - Spain - Manresa

Today, at work, I quickly bought plane tickets on an iPad. I should have taken my time doing it, because now, thanks to autocorrect, I have two tickets for a girl with the first name of Eyelid. FML
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What exactly was the name supposed to be?


Fireant_man 6

Time to change your name

What exactly was the name supposed to be?

Hmm. I'd have to guess that her name was Eide.

Misskreher 30

Eileen maybe ?

Evelyn maybe?

I know women with the name "Eilidh" which I think is pronounced the same as "Eyelid".

tltk 4

Pretty sure that's pronounced more like 'Aylee'

I dunno, I've never been corrected when I've said Eyelid, but you could be correct and they just didn't mind..

Definitely pronounced as Aylee, rhyming with hay and sea. I know a few girls with that name.

Ohh, that's awkward on my part... is this like a 4th wall break? An FML within an FML?

species4872 19

Wink, wink say no more.

Sounds cute. I'd like to wink and blink her, if you know what I mean. If you know what I mean, please tell me because I really don't. I was bluffing.

You know you can turn off autocorrect right?

That's not an option for dyslexic people like me who really need it, haha

I see you're from Spain, so not sure what airline you used, but with most airlines in the US you have a day or so to cancel without penalty. I think Air France or KLM might also have this but I'm not 100% sure. Check to see if this is an option, and then hopefully you can start again from scratch.

Airlines usually let you change the name on the ticket if you've booked online, OP should be able to do this if they try and update it soon enough, otherwise OP should call the airline and get it fixed. I think they only charge if you're changing who the ticket is for rather than correcting names.

Cancel them if you can

I would say that I'm surprised the airline accepted that name, but...well, there are people these days who have given their kids some pretty odd names. And I guess you can't expect a computer to know better, regardless. Sorry that happened to you. Hopefully they were willing to at least reimburse you for the money spent on those tickets.