By voltumna - United States
Today, at 4 AM, I locked myself out of my apartment. After calling friends in vain, I decided to just sit on the doorstep and wait for someone to come in. I sat for 10 minutes before a homeless man insisted threateningly that I move. I was kicked off my own front doorstep by a homeless man. FML
voltumna tells us more :
As the OP, a few extra points: I'm female, he was about a foot taller than me, I'd come home from an 8 hour shift, and I called the cops once I'd moved down the street to a safe distance. If there had been people around, I'd have stood up to him, but I didn't want to add mugging to an already shitty day. But, at #29, I'll totally try that next time!
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By  lol_seriously  |  0

You should have triple roundhouse kicked him.

It works on most homeless guys, basically what you do is take 5 steps back so you're about 2 metres away from them.

Then you press right, right, up, circle, triangle, L1, circle, L2.

Good luck!

By  rukusrazor  |  0

Why would you move at all? That person has no reason to be there at all. Should have taken the change out of your pocket and threw it down the street.

Also, move if your front stoop is a haven for the homeless.

By  TheDarkoprince  |  0

Whoa, whoa, whoa, a homeless dude tells you to get off YOUR porch and you do! WTF
I would have been "there's bacon in a trash can down the street, now fuck off"

FYL for getting locked out, but don't be such pushover next time.