By anonymous - 24/12/2014 23:56 - United States

Today, as I walked into McDonald's with my mom, she glanced at me and said, "Smells like your future." FML
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DrMario_ 16

Nothing wrong with McDonald's >:(

All you have to do is prove her wrong


All you have to do is prove her wrong

DrMario_ 16

Nothing wrong with McDonald's >:(

bingo__O 15

You wish to stay working at McDonald's your whole life?

I'd probably always eat the fries and make up an excuse like "uh I was checking for poison"

I would have no problem owning a McDonald's.

My mum started working at a McDonald's a couple of years back and she now is high enough in the corporation that she owns two and oversees 14. Chin up mate, it's not such a bad thing.

Most of us are gonna end up there anyways

Dreamsorrow93 24

Eh low bar set means you can only gain approval doing well.

It's the little victories that keep us going. Regardless of how low the bar is set.

Your moms a dick

Kill Me Please!!! 9

I like to think that people can't be called what they don't have. So I believe the wording is "You're mom's an asshole " or "Your mom's a bitch". (Haters, idc that this is not an English class. I already read a comment where someone bitched someone else out on grammar, and people were like "who cares?" So please do not bitch me out on grammar. it's my oppinion)

Sounds like you mom's an unsupportive bitch. You don't need her to achieve your goals OP, chin up.

JMichael 25


Order for her a Mc Bitch and a diet coke.

I read it as a diet puke... sorry... the other sushi puke FML is still running in my mind...ready for down votes..

No problem vikky it happens.

future food you will eat!

Mom: 1 You: 0

More like Mom: 0 Self-esteem: -1