By Mommycakes - 03/03/2015 13:14 - United States - Apache Junction

Today, I noticed that my son was less excited about losing a tooth than normal. I asked him what was wrong, he said, "Tyler told me that the tooth fairy died yesterday in a car accident." To which Tyler replied, "You're welcome." FML
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Mommycakes tells us more.

Just a quick reassurance, Tyler is my other son. Thanks for the support!

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Yes and it was sad, but it's a good thing the tooth fairy had an assistant that was glad to take over while they find another fairy to take over the job.

He had to learn the tooth eventually


hugozac88 22

The way I see it he saved him from a world of much more disappointment when he found out it was you the whole time

Wait...the tooth fairy isn't real?

#30 Yes sadly enough. The tooth fairy is not real.

acky2lum 7

#1 no one seems to understand your awesome pun

Pun intended?

lol.. good luck convincing the kid now, seems Tyler is a pro and someone needs to keep a close watch on him

Tyler doesn't mess around.

How funny would it be if Tyler was the op's husband and kid's father.

He had to learn the tooth eventually

And yet somehow still funny!

Time for him to molar over.

Thank you! Don't have your kid growing up to believing that she and other holiday figures are real because they aren't. I know, I'm a dream crusher. sorry OP :(

fairies don't die...

lalundsten 16

fairies don't drive...

Nah the fairy got hit by a flying car from the future on its way back to the dinosaures.

Fairies don't exist...

I don't believevin fairies.

You take that back.

Nope! Tinkerbell was an asshole.

Just tell your son that Tyler's wisdom teeth haven't grown in yet, which is why he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Nice kid there...tell him his Xbox accidentally went in the dumpster :D

Then he walks into her room and finds it

If the kid has an xbox, why would op through it away when she probably paid for it?!

When the tooth fairy visits him tonight, he'll know Tyler was lying (I'm assuming here Tyler is a slightly older kid or a teenager and that your son understands the concept of lying).

Wow what a dick move, Tyler

brendejafulable 41

Money problems?