By MLeguillon - 01/09/2014 04:34 - United States - Imperial

Today, after years of wonderful flying experiences, I boarded a flight and took my seat only to find a baby sitting in front of me, behind me, and to the right of me, and across the aisle from me. All of whom decided to cry in unison. It was a 9-hour flight. FML
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#1 edited his/her comment. It was "well at least you got over your fear!" Just so i don't seem dumb with my comment..


I don't recall OP having any fear of flying

#1 edited his/her comment. It was "well at least you got over your fear!" Just so i don't seem dumb with my comment..

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Whenever I fly, I use headphones, rocking out helps to pass the time stuck in flight.

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#22 More like a siege to see how strong OP's will is.

Ok that makes a lot more sense, I was really confused as to what your initial response meant haha

"And to the gentleman in Isle F and seat U (yes I know it's not letter-letter, but letter-number) if you look to your seats in front of you, behind you, and to your right, you'll see the second worst curse that's only possible on a plane, babies. May we suggest earphones next time?

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No one likes sitting near babies on planes and parents don't like the evil stares, why don't airlines just create separate cabins already?!

#88: I've heard of 'child free' zones on aircrafts, where you pay to upgrade your seat to an area without children

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Cue Dane Cook's joke about punching infants...

Air Asia does this- it's only $10 extra, and it's rows 1-10, so you get to be first off as well. Well worth it.

#88 That would be a good idea. Part of the reason babies cry on airplanes might be because they're overwhelmed so a seperate cabin that's quiet and has soothing sounds might help keep them calm and reduce crying.

That blows op but at least it's a funny story you can tell your friends!

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I certainly wouldn't care to have a "funny" story to tell if I had to deal with that.

It's all part of life! If you can't make light of bad situations in the past how're you going to be happy :)

the chances of you in that situation accumulated in one flight lol

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well, I would I hope that with you posting this you had a safe flight, even if inside it wasnt so fun

I wonder who made the seating arrangements? Probably sounded like this: "We have three infants boarding this plane. If one cries, so does the other. Who should we seating in the middle of them?" "Hmm, This fellow has had years of flying experience. S/he can probably last 9 hours." "Sounds great!"

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It actually does read as one in front, one to the the right, one behind and one across the isle (assuming its to the left if she had a right isle seat) which equals four. Unless it's just worded strangely and means the right baby was across the isle.

No don't feel stupid. It was a common mistake.

depending on the airline, most of the major airlines allow you to choose your own seat at booking the airline does not choose for you. the only one I know that is kind of a first come first serve is allegiant air.

Stop being such a cry baby and deal with it

#9, I understood your pun, but I downvoted bc it seemed kinda rude. I mean, would YOU be able to handle crying babies for nine hours straight? I know I couldn't.

I wouldn't be able to handle it for 20 minutes, 9 hours and I would probably snap at some point.

I feel your pain OP. I hope you have a good pair of noise canceling headphones, or you're in for one hell of a flight.

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Well, if riding planes for years and always having good experiences happened to you, it sounds like the bad ones got all collected into this one for ya. :)