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Today, my boyfriend came home from a camping trip and broke up with me. All because when he was watching the lake he was near, ripples formed. Apparently, this means God was telling him I'm impure and unable to be "saved by Christ" and therefore, a waste of his time. I dated this lunatic. FML
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Well look on the bright side. You're no longer dating a lunatic.

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Looks like Jesus saved YOU from that lunatic.


paramedicgirl87 4

Well look on the bright side. You're no longer dating a lunatic.

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go find yourself a level headed boyfriend with lots of money

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he was probably banging some chicks when he was camping.

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on the brightside, There is no God


87 no one knows if there is a God or not. And you can't be a hundred percent sure that there is/isn't a God. Unless you died and came back confirming there is/is not a heaven. Then we'd be ****** with a zombie apocolypse and I would have to move to Russia.

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yeah if someone said that to me, id b like..umm wanna say that in english please?

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O not that wait till your married bullshit or your a **** because you didnt wait GIVE ME A BREAK *barfs*

the ripples were probably caused by a fish. fish ruin relationships. so clean down there

has any 1 proposed the theory that u just rot in the ground body and soul?

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ok. religon. is. bull shit. there is no god. you wont go to heven or hell or whatever. you just die

nategillan I too aman atheist but you must remember to respect others beliefs I don't believe in god but there are some people who do, telling them your beliefs won't change their opinion. it is like when a religious person tries to tell you that there is god and you're going to hell for not believing god. you won't believe them just like how they won't believe us. so, don't insult them it's extremely disrespectful.

how would you know? have you died and come back? some people need religion in their life to feel like they belong to something. to have faith in something big. no one has the right to say religion is bullshit. cause it isn't. it might not go exactly how people have written, but for devotees and people who need it, it's everything to them.

Infidel. LMAO I dunno why but that had me cracking up like crazy! :-D

I think that religion is barbarian. Let me explain it with an example, before I get thumbed-down. Last week, I was with my parents and grandparents (all strict Christians) in a restaurant. The subject went to their church. They told that there was a guy (obviously also a Christian) who thought that the Bible wasn't that important, that it was all about the 'living word', about what lives with the people (the subject was feminin priests, the Bible says it isn't allowed, the people would want to make it allowed, and this guy supported the last vision). I thought that was a very good opinion, I mean, the Bible is 2000 years old, let us not take it too seriously, but instead let us focus on the here and now. You know what my parents and grandparents did? They shook there heads in disbelief, because for them, the Bible is more important than the here and now. They still believe in creationism, in Noa who was 500 (?) years old, in Jesus who walked on the water, in Jesus who rised from the grave, in the apocalyps, in the sinfulness of being homosexual...etc. This is the kind of belief I hate, the one that is, excuse me, bullshit. They have lost their common sense, criticism and rationalism. I would love belief if the believers would want to be and stay modern. In my opinion and personal experiences, most aren't. If you believe in science, you're always up-to-date. If you believe in God, Allah, Jahweh or WhoKnowsWho, you're most of the time old-fashioned.

If a Christian doesn't believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ or if, for instance, he didn't rise up from the dead then the whole religion is a farce because his conquering of death is part of the basis for the religion.... Also, I'd just like to point out that not everything in science is a sound proof. There's a reason the word "anomaly" exists. Gravity, for example, is a theory not a law. There are thousands of things going on in your body and around us each and every day that science cannot explain.

I love how atheists get on here trying to tear down Christians, but when we fight back, they're all like "freedom of religion!" it's pretty sad

and yes I am Christian so if u got a problem how about u try not to be a hypocrite?

I know what scientific theory is, it explains an observed phenomenon while scientific law just states that something happened and it is based on fact that can be seen over and over again. Regardless, just because something has been observed doesn't mean it'll always happen that same way. My point was just that science can't say that just because we have gravity today doesn't mean it'll be here tomorrow...

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u obviously knw very little about islam

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Hurly26, the thing is that even when something is a scientific Theory, it is still tested on hypotheses, it's supported by empirical data, and it's widely accepted by scientists in a particular field. In religion there's nothing even remotely similar to that. And still, if a scientific theory is shown to be wrong, it is because there's new data that supports the creation of a new theory. Do you know why is that? Because the purpose of science is to question things. The only reason why we can't be sure if something will be here tomorrow is because we don't know the future. If something were to stop existing, I'm sure there would be hypotheses and/or theories about why that happened.

Whoa, I'm thinking, how awesome would it be if all the religious people in the world would rewrite their Holy Book to modern times? With brand new stories, like the one of the three superbeautiful bitches, who don't help a nerd in need, whilst the girl-next-door, with no make-up, push-up or anorexia does everything she can to help him. Or the story of the one dude who got a ps3 and got him himself a game addiction, and the other dude who got a ps3, rent it, spend time with his girlfriend and made a good business. With modern life lessons that say how to deal with terrorism, materialism, violence in tv and games, drug addiction, pedosexuals, suicide...etc. Oh, and God would definitely be a woman. That. Would. Be. So. Awesome. But onfortunately, it's never going to happen. It's more likely that people will murder in the name of their God and his thousands-of-years-old-holy-book than that they ever dare to rewrite it.

DJeePee, clearly you have not looked at any other religions and are simply being closed minded based on what you've witnessed with a small portion of Christianity. I was atheist and now I am Hindu. Hinduism has some crazy outdated stories, but at the end of the day, it is a monotheist, have-it-your-way kind of religion. They want you to see the beauty of God, not live in fear, and want you to find your way to God however you feel is best for you. With that said, I am sure you could find crazy, extreme Hindu's as you could find crazy, extreme Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. Don't let a few bad apples spoil it for you. Pendatik, you are awesome :)

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omg such a bad FML we all kno there will be religious fights n also maybe he was right.... maybe ur just a ***** idk

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dont blame him. im an atheist too and honestly dont give a crap what others believe in as long as they dont push it against me. then( like him) are the extreme atheist nazis. just leave it. (btw from itouch , which is why this comment looks so horrible)

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109. have you read the bible? there are stories in there that do help you with things going on today. why are you so angry towards christians? do you not feel the same about Muslims or mormons or catholics? or is it just because a Christian has done you wrong? if it is the second than I truly apologize for whatever they have done. I personally don't believe in religions, I believe what matters is your relationship with him. you can claim whatever God or practice you want but if you have no relationship with him then your just talking to hear yourself talk. I heard this saying once, it is better to believe in God and find out there isn't one then to not believe in anything and find out there is. if I may, why do you believe that there isn't one? or what caused these thoughts?

BillyXCore, I completely agree with you on some parts, but for the sake of understanding better, I am not comfortable with the religions that it's my way or the highway. For Christianity, at the end of the day, if you don't truly believe Jesus was your saviour, you will still go to Hell, and I am too ignorant to make those kinds about other religions, but I believe Islam is similar with Allah or Hell. I think I have a great relationship with God and cannot believe that my just God would overlook me being a good person or leading a meaningful, ethical life and punish me just because I found a different path to Him/Her/It (not trying to be disrespectful, just saying our perception of God is something only Human minds can understand so we try to confine God within human descriptions but can't).

Sinkhole 26

BillyXcore, the problem with that saying you heard is that people believe in many different gods. How can you know in which one you should believe? In order to "save" yourself, you would have to believe in every single god, even the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. And, even that has a problem 'cause it's well known that many of those gods are very jealous and don't want you to believe in any other gods. I know you said that you don't believe in religions, but if you believe in a god, you must have "decided" on a god in which to put your beliefs.

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I understand how you feel with that my way or highway part. it is why for the longest I did not go to church because I couldn't find one who didnt bash other denominations. what I believe is as long as you acknowledge that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light and none can get into heaven except through him(by opening your heart to him and letting him in your life) than you are set. yes good deeds are wonderful but they won't get you into heaven. I didn't understand what you had meant about giving God human descriptions. If you could elaborate a little more on that for me. I have so many questions for God about other religions and how we know that he is the one but I just go off of personal experience. I have never prayed to Allah or Buddha or the virgin Mary, only God and I have had numerous prayers answered and have seen so many miracles in my life and those around me. it dosnt matter what questions I do have, I will have those answered for me in due time but God has helped me through so much in my life it's hard to deny his existence.

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Damn my comment didn't show up. Thank God (pun intended) I copied it to paste if I needed to. @djeepee (sorry if I spelled that wrong). There are a lot of churches out there that teach us how to live in today's world based off of what the Bible says we should do. I can't stand going to a church where they just say "The Bible says it". My church back home (I'm away at college) has over 10,000 members. Google "Ed Young pastor". He is so modern and he interprets the word of God in a way that we can apply it to our lives today. There's a reason why his congregation is so huge. I'm betting there're another 15,000 members that go to his satellite churches, and I have no clue how many others watch his tv show. He gets it. He gets that we aren't living in 200 AD and that we have modern technology and things have changed. I'm not a super Christian. I don't go to church every single week. I don't pray every night. But I feel God's presence everywhere and I usually shoot him a thank you for stuff that happens each day. I don't force my religion on others. I'll discuss it and try to save who I can but I won't force it on someone who blatantly disbelieves. But I have saved a few people and there's nothing like that feeling when you helped save their souls from eternal damnation and led them to Christ. It's unbelievable. As for science, I think God is behind evolution for the most part. No, I don't believe we evolved from apes, no, I don't think wolves evolved from whales. But I do think there is a more simpler evolution that is God's doing. Also, the one argument that always gets to me with scientific laws is the law of conservation of mass: matter can neither be created nor destroyed. However the big bang theory states that forever and forever there was nothing and then the universe sneezed and voila, here we are. In my mind that violates the law of conservation of mass. The idea that God created everything is a lot more believable in my mind than the big bang. I've seen evidence of God. Not scientific, but still evidence. I've seen prayers answered and people healed when medicine said it was impossible. My nephew was born with serious kidney problems. Doctors said he would never have more than 20-30% use of his kidneys and might have to get a transplant. Four years and thousands of prayers later, he has 100% function of his kidneys and was recently taken off of antibiotics for the first time in his life. My brother and his wife are as Christian as you can get (they introduced me to Ed Young and his church and it's actually where they met). We all prayed for years, and thanks be to God, my nephew is healed. The doctors can't explain it. They've never seen anything like it. That to us is proof of God. But I'll end my novel now. Just wanted to throw my voice into the mix.

Sinkhole, you are wrong in that notion because BillyXCore does make it clear that he thinks there is only one God. The "gods" of different religions are different avatars (for lack of a better word) of God. I agree with BillyXCore here. I think the main flaw in his argument is when he says he doesn't believe in religions and thinks a person's relationship is (which I totally agree with) but is suggesting Christianity can open to this type of belief, which, for anyone who has studied the Bible, is absolute "bollacks."

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sinkhole, I believe in Jesus Christ. I dint like to put much stock in religions. thats where fanatics and mass murders for the sake of tryin to prove a point come in. I believe in the relationship that I have with the one True God. I don't believe there is any other God so when I say that I mean only the one, he who created the heavens and earth. The one the scriptures are wrote about.

billyXcore 0

youcanhave, I only say that because from my personal experience when I have a relationship I feel much closer than just claiming a religion. there are or of people in my 'religion' I wish I did not have to claim. the westboro church for example. what they are doing is not of God and is so horrid. it is hard for me to find or wish peace to them. people murder and say God told them to do it. Christians act like heathens puts such a mark of shame on our religion. I just prefer to say relationship. that way what they do does not reflect me.I may be wrong in saying that but I will have to stand up for what I believe in. my relationship with God has not always been a good one. less than a year ago I had a miscarriage and hated God for it. but I have come to terms with it and I am better now and stronger because of it. I have seen death and loss and at times it seems like what kind of God would allow this. then the verse John 13:7 keeps ringing in my ears.

it all happens to the best of us. better luck picking your next boyfriend !

WompWompWomp123 7

Looks like Jesus saved YOU from that lunatic.

Someday you will look back and laugh about this.

Someday, she will be near a lake and see ripples form...

Stroke_Her_Ace 15

that's normal judging by your profile picture.

maybe because you wear cat-eye contacts..just sayin :p

itz_towelie 6

i wish i would have read your comment about the cat eyes before looking at his profile... that is definatly why you're single man

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Imma have nightmares now...

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I'm kinda trying to figure out his name....what is 'her ace'?

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Just lookin at you I would have figured that you were single.

Thrashmetaldrumm 3

religious nut jobs. buy Slayer's God Hates Us All album and blast it next time you're around him. that'll blow his mind.

PYLrulz 17

Slayer... The best way to scare the beejesus out of a religious nutball

ReynshineCutting 10

I'm a religious nutball and have Slayer on my iPod :P Good music is good music.