By BadDad - United States - San Diego
Today, I was summoned to the bathroom by my three-year-old, who still needs help cleaning up sometimes. When I walked in, he looked so happy and proud as he pointed to the trash can saying, "Look at my big poop!". Buying a new trash can tomorrow. FML
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By  HalfLit  |  17

What kind of crazy materialistic view on the world do you have that you're going to purchase a new bin rather than just cleaning it? It's just poop.

  1ronlady  |  24

From the username - BadDad, I believe this is the hubby who posted this not the wife. Could also explain why first instinct is to buy another instead of to wash the bin?

By  wickedgetz  |  29

be happy for the kid. He did this without any help. boost his self confidence and the next 1 will be in the toilet. as for the bin why dnt you just change the bin liner or just wash the bin?

At least he made a good effort, it sucks a bit because it's wasted money, but I guess one should always count with money going out of the window when you're getting kids.

Anyway, I wish you and your kiddo the best of luck!