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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Not in "any" other situation. OP should've realised there was the potential for this situation. A grim reaper cake is funny for a 30th birthday. Around 50 it could feel a little too close to the truth even for a healthy man.

  buoyantcitrus  |  0

OP did absolutely nothing wrong. Someone asked for advice and she provided.

Also, the store she works at had the cake already made so that she could show/sell it to customers.

  Rei_Ayanami  |  18

"Lyk omgee! you are lyk soo inconsiderable OP! you are lyk the worstest person on the hole planet! your a giant doo-doo head! lyk seriously!"

Thats what I hear every time I read a post saying something about how "inconsiderate" and how "mean" the OP was, it's not like he gave the man cancer! To everybody who is crying out for this person to lose their job: shut your mouths! The OP could lose their job if they DIDN'T do things like this, if they were cold and unwilling to have suggestions they would never have the job in the first place.

It's all the people who are butt-hurt over this that are making the world ridiculous, "nobody had better do or say anything that I disapprove of for any reason or im going to sue them!" that seems to be your war-cry.

  zexy27  |  0

Hey, I might speak for myself but it's my constitutional right to sound like a moron. Just as it is yours to spend 5 minuets venting on a dam website made for humor.

  random210  |  0

or not inconsiderate at all. People celebrate their 50th birthday as the 'black' birthday because they're on their way and such. It's supposed to be fun. So what. he has cancer. He would still die without it

  hatepineapple  |  14

You guys need to chill the hell out. I would have laughed at that if the cake was for my sickly 80 year old grandmother. She would have laughed at it if she was with me. Learn to take a joke.

  sulitak  |  27

yeah, for my Dad's 40th we had a Grim Reaper cake, and had our tallest relative dressed as a grim reaper...
Standard practice for 40th,50th and 60th birthdays are "over the hill" meaning on your way to death

  gusgus36  |  5

lots of people have at least "over the hill" theme parties for turning 40 or 50, as a joke. my uncle did. the grim reaper is a bit worse, but it's along the same lines... kinda


197- So what if they haven't heard of over the hill? They were just asking, it was unnecessary of you to say "why don't you think before commenting". I think YOU should think before commenting.