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By Anonymous - 08/08/2020 23:01

Today, my husband refuses to have sex with me, ever since I told him I wanted to try for a baby. When I asked him why, he said it was because he likes lack of responsibility and money in the bank more than the thought of a screaming baby, no sleep and strong suicidal urges. FML
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Y’all didn’t have the “kids or no kids” talk before you got married?!? You might have screwed yourself

MN_girl21 7

Or she should respect his wishes, not have kids with him, and if she truly wants kids get a divorce and find someone that does. It’s something they should have discussed before but that doesn’t make his wishes more important than hers.


I think the big issue everyone is missing is the FML is no more sex. Perhaps he should get a vasectomy and you two should continue using condoms if he’s worried about you trying to force him into having a kid (which I’m not saying you are or that he is feeling that way) but discuss it with him, inform him that you wouldn’t betray his trust and lie about using contraceptives and that he’s more than welcome to get a vasectomy to assure that. Lastly, this is definitely something that should have been discussed prior to deciding to spend your life together in the eyes of religion/law. So if this marriage doesn’t work out, keep that in mind and good luck!

Julieworld 9

Leave him if you want kids and find someone who does

devsingh97 13

What is with all the YDI votes? That sucks, OP, but you can still have sex. Just use protection - more than one form to be extra cautious.

He’s 100% not someone who should be a parent, at least he knows it.