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By Anonymous - 27/01/2023 10:00

Today, I found my daughter punching her brother repeatedly. Apparently, he'd put the wrong fuel in her van so after 20 years of him being a moron, she decided to beat the stupid out of him. Thing is it’s worked; he’s too bruised and scared of her to do anything, period, just in case. FML
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Putting the wrong fuel in a car and not calling AAA to come empty your fuel tank can literally brick the car, requiring the entire engine to be replaced. In this specific case, with the apparent context of 20 years’ worth of fuckups from your son requiring your daughter to clean up after him, I think one (1) outburst from her is justified.

The only way I can see this being valid would be putting diesel gas in a vehicle that runs on unleaded, or vice-versa. If so, and he's been this consistently stupid for 20 years, then why did she trust him with a vehicle in the first place?

I kinda figured that son just took the car without permission *and* messed it up given how upset daughter was.

Something I didn't consider. She needs a lockbox for her keys, as annoying as that can be.

violence, except self-defense, is never justified.

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I’d make an exception just for this case. The brother may be headed to earning a Darwin award too!

Since it seems that you've never had him checked out medically or psychologically, I highly doubt that he's a moron, more likely that he has a developmental disability or is on the autistic spectrum but he could also be suffering from severe anxiety 🤷‍♂️ maybe it's time you got him some help instead of chastising him.

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Stop using as a damn crutch. I’m an aspie, with friends also aspie, and this is just plain carelessness. Using that as a crutch for this is appalling and you should stop excusing this behavior as if they can’t do anything about. If he knew enough how to drive the car, he knows how to read a manual, or even dash of car. They list the fuel on it like “unleaded fuel only” or whatnot. If the kid can drive, he should be able to gas it up.

And she didn't put gas in her own car why? And if she knew her brother was a moron, as she asserts, why would she trust him with her car in the first place?