By ocean555 - 07/03/2011 00:27 - United Kingdom

Today, I discovered that my Facebook profile picture, of me between my boyfriend and a friend, is actually me between my boyfriend and the girl he has been cheating on me with. FML
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sucks for you OP. Friends like that suck.

AcidRaen 4

awww that sucks. i hope you get them both out of your life as soon as possible. nobody needs people like that in their life


sucks for you OP. Friends like that suck.

I_R_Genius 3

Sigh, more facebook related FML's. Atleast this one didn't come from Ohio, (I hope it didn't.) because that's where all the crazy shit is going down.

FYLDeep 25

Asshole boyfriend + Asshole normal friend = 0 people to associate yourself with. Find new friends.

ouch!! dump his ass asap!! and look for new friends. I hate cheaters!

AsianCookie247 14

:0 fucked up.

hmmm reminds me of an epic fail pic...

i_R_Genius I love your picture!

i think im having a deja vu

Deja by is not an object which you have and precede with "a.". You simply have Deja vu.

Probably an autocorrect since 'b' and 'v' are so close to each other. Same for 'y' and 'u'. Phones can be a little too smart sometimes. That, or he has fat fingers and sucks at typing.

since Deja vu is from French and in French we say: avoir un Deja vu (having a Deja vu) you can use whatever way you want. stupid anglophones stealing words from other languages!

impatientsnake 4

wow douche

perdix 29

Your profile picture should be one of you by yourself. Anywho, you should be glad he won't be bringing home any strange diseases to you -- he'll be bringing your best friend's familiar diseases -- yay!

BahahahLOL 0

Ba-dum tish!

nanotide 0

I agree with 5. your next profile pic should be solo.

cos it's her profile, its a bit awkward when there's more than one person in a picture and you don't know which one is them.. (obviously if you haven't got this person as a friend and don't know them).

AcidRaen 4

awww that sucks. i hope you get them both out of your life as soon as possible. nobody needs people like that in their life

Awesome Three Way!

kingtz 6

So I guess a 3some is out of the question?

perdix 29

Actually, the boyfriend is engaging in a time-shifted threesome. TiVo has changed our thinking that what once was called cheating is now a ménage à trois of convenience.

Ryonix 0

ydi for not pleasing hum

A hummer is pleasing!

A hummer is pleasing!

You're the cheating type, aren't ya?

GaBabayy92 0

thats a lame reason to cheat.

Gondile 4

I dunno, Hummers are pretty cool....

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever, friendship never ends." I'm guessing you didn't listen to this as a kid -shakes head-

Ahaa . That kinda Sounds EXACTLY like '' Bass down Low ''

dudeitsdanny 9

^I hope you're joking. I can now see that it's not OP's boyfriend's fault, though! It was obviously The Spice Girls who screwed OP! I wouldn't mind Victoria's models screwing me, but that's in a whole different way.

18 - how the hell does that song sound like 'bass down low'? it sounds nothing like it, different beat, lyrics, everything.