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and what exactly was this polygraph for.

Did they find out where you hid the body?


and what exactly was this polygraph for.

probably nothing serious there not that accurate the man who invented then said so himself and their not accepted in court for that very reason.

Did they find out where you hid the body?

So, where is the body?

Your polygraph-beating techniques are wrong. Just clench your asshole as if you're holding in a big shit will conceal your lies with electrical noise. Just do that and they'll never find out about bomb you planted. ;)

So, to beat a polygraph, you have to a) look down, b) breathe like you're being choked by the equipment. Got it.

Why don't you say, "hey charlatan, don't you dare raising your voice on me, your job is quackery and your time doesn't deserve to be respected because it doesn't worth shit"? Tell him the truth and make him cry.

Polygraph's are legitimate, they are admissable in courts, and are more accurate than eyewitness testimony in all cases.

"Legitimate" does not mean "scientific". No scientific experiment ever has proven efficacy of a polygraph. If any court admits polygraphs, horoscopes or palm reading, that's too bad for the court. I don't know what kind of court would ever buy this rubbish, but American courts don't: In the 1998 US Supreme Court case United States v. Scheffer, the majority stated that "There is simply no consensus that polygraph evidence is reliable"... In 2005, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals stated that "polygraphy did not enjoy general acceptance from the scientific community"... etc, etc.