By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was told that I'm very likely to win the "Most Likely to Exceed 5 Cats" yearbook award. My best friend said, "They wanted it to be 'Most Likely to Die Alone', but it was a bit harsh". Someone else added, "It's still pretty likely, though". FML
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  junkman6  |  22

I prefer my best friend to be brutally honest with me rather than sugar coating things. I know from experience your best friends are the ones who will figuratively and literally bitch slap you when you need it.

  amayasoma  |  19

Sorry, but if my best friend said that to me I would cut them loose. You do not have to have a romantic relationship with someone to be happy. Hell, my aunt didn't and she was the best damn person before she passed. Plus, she had so many people around her that loved her.

OP, you will not die alone but you need to find better friends. You shall have your family, hopefully better friends, and CATS! Keep your chin up, hun.

  junkman6  |  22

You guys are bringing your own stuff into this. It's not saying either way if that's good or bad they're just saying "you aren't gonna find a man." Unsaid is unless you change some things up. Balls in OPs court with that. She can choose to have cats dogs gophers adopt whatever. But the brutal honesty of the best friend is actually pretty cool IMO.

Who else can you rely on to tell you stuff you don't want to hear?

By  JuzReading  |  23

Sounds like they're just messing around with ya, so go along with it. But seriously it seems like you're young so you'll have plenty of time to find a worthy companion :) Oh, and cats aren't so bad.

By  MisUnFortunate  |  31

Gotta love how everyone thinks relationships are the most important things in the world and if you're not in one you're ugly and worthless. Fuck that, at least cats won't cheat on you or demand you wash their socks.

  garebear61  |  14

Not all men are that way! I do my own laundry thank you very much and a few other peoples occasionally. I do agree with what you say about cats though. I love my cat and he only whines for food.