Not lovin' it

By jared576 - 05/06/2015 03:01

Today, I got kicked out of McDonalds for "skating" on the floor. The skating was actually me slipping on the wet floor and smacking my head into a table then getting bitched at for leaving blood on the floor. FML
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If there wasn't a wet floor sign, you could threaten to sue for that. Also, you can report to the manager for them kicking you out for that.

McDonald's best custom service


How could they tell it apart from the ketchup crusted upon their nasty-ass floors?

obliviongillette 18

I used to work at McDonald's, they're very strict when it comes to floor caution. I'd talk to the manager or someone higher up to ensure it doesn't happen in that manner again. Whether there was a caution sign out or not, they went about the situation all wrong.

ba da da daaaah I'm suing it

Even if there was a wet floor sign you could sue them, bc they are supposed to get you medical attention if you get seriously injured and from what it sounds like about the blood you did.

johncanact 13

Shouldn't you be at Subway anyways, Jared?

Jared shouldn't you be meeting up with Jansen on set to start shooting your next episode? :)

Wow. McDonald's has the best of the best customer service -.-

I fell at mcdonalds yesterday too....but just to my knees...I'm sorry op! fyl

Did that happen to be in front of a male employee with a bulge, or were you just praying to not get food poisoning?

no. just happened to be the way i fucking fell.

They see me rollin', hatin'. Patrolling they tryna' catch me riding dirty!

That's terrible, I hope you're okay.