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Today, I was getting a haircut. The lady accusingly told me she'd have to thoroughly wash my hair before she started, as it was way too greasy to cut through. FML
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MarisaCB 16

Seriously... easy fix. Wash your hair.

So let her wash it! It's the beat feeling ever to have someone else wash your hair. Enjoy!


MarisaCB 16

Seriously... easy fix. Wash your hair.

LiterOfCola 16

Seriously OP, didn't you think of

While a penis does have hair I am fairly sure OP was talking about hair on their head.

Shoes? Wash your...........face! Duloc is, Duloc is, Duloc is a perfect place!

I am glad they kept that song in the musical.

Face! Duloc is, Duloc is, Duloc is a perfect place!

Why do all the comments on this comment get erased? This is your second time saying that and I know since I replied to the first one.

It's really not that simple. Some people have naturally greasy hair, and shampooing too much actually aggravates the problem: a lot of shampoos strip the hair of its natural oils, and the body overcompensates by producing even more oils. You can buy some shampoos to help with the condition, but many just claim to do so on the label (like head and shoulders does for dandruff, when it actually does sod all to help with dandruff or greasy hair.)

Thank you 19. Now I have that damn song stuck in my head. And the little dancing kids.....

Have no fear my fellow dandruff sufferers! There is a product to solve your flaking scalp and it comes in the form of suave anti-dandruff coconut shampoo and conditioner. And for best results, occasionally use regular shampoo and conditioner. After two weeks of using this product, your dandruff will be under control. Never again be afraid to wear dark blouses with suave anti-dandruff coconut shampoo and conditioner! Your clothes and hair will be rid of that nasty white flakes with suave anti-dandruff coconut shampoo and conditioner. It really works!

i used to have really dandruffy, greasy hair and i used wella and it stopped the problem completely. (i also used regular shampoo every couple of days) Wen is also really good but more expensive.

83 - me neither. I can only wash my hair every other day or every 3 days because it gets greasy. But then I use Head an Shoulders and I dont have dandruff. It just.makes my hair really soft though :)

T Gel works wonders for a dry and itchy scalp if you can tolerate the smell until your hair dries. It also slows down the process of hair loss.

Tea tree shampoo! Tea tree oil is naturally antibacterial. Switch it up though, it's not an everyday shampoo

stevenJB 25

Having greasy or oily hair would be a nightmare for me D:

Tea tree oil is also incredibly drying. Use in moderation. Dandruff is a yeast issue - coconut will not be the best solution.

diabetic2damax 11

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Maybe OP could wash his hair instead of just trying to cover it up.

MrBrightside21 20

Doesn't work. I haven't gotten any females since I've started using that. I guess femaless don't like when I make my happy trail look hip and stylish. Their loss.

34-Though I understand the point you are trying to make, kids in 7th-10th grade also wear Nike shoes. By your reasoning that makes Nike shoes bad too, which is just a ridiculous argument. So basically your argument is just dumb and childish.

MrBrightside21 20

39 - Kids also wear clothes. We should all stop wearing clothes.

#2 sounds like one of those nut jobs that believe everything on t.v. A weak consumer you are.

Kids also breath oxygen. I always thought oxygen was stupid.

lorraineald 7

#43 That's ridiculous nobody breathes oxygen anymore! It's all about 'dat' CO2

39- I think 34 was trying to say that only little kids use Axe products.

I'm really happy you were here to tell us that.

oj101 33

39 - #34 is saying that a large proportion of axe users are kids, and therefore more likely to be negatively perceived as opposed to milder ones used by the target audience of more 'mature' guys like Dove and Sure. Not all kids use axe, and not all axe users are kids- just that proportionally there is a tendency.

oj101 33

Plus, I can't understand why anyone would wear Axe. They smell wayyy too strong, and they have a sickly/unnatural smell to them. Just personal opinion.

alphaskater09 9

Do that at the risk of your girlfriend (if you're lucky enough to have one) choking when she tries to cuddle or hug you.

So let her wash it! It's the beat feeling ever to have someone else wash your hair. Enjoy!

Except those things on the sink always hurt my neck

I was really talking in general but you're right, they can be uncomfortable.

jessughka 10

They can be very uncomfortable! Ask for a neck pillow next time, salons usually always have them, they really help!

Sounds like you're getting ripped off. The place I go to charges £12 for a wash and cut.

Oh my God I know...I would totally pay someone about 20-30$ a month to.get my hair.washed by someone.else once a week. (i would still wash it too) To me it just washes away my stress away.

oj101 33

People spend $30 on haircuts? Thats amazing - where is this place you speak of??!! Are they good as salons? I spend at least $80 per cut. Looking to save money. Starving student here.

Where I go, to get the best of the best there to do a cut and color(caramelizing for me) is 115. Luckily I only get it done once or twice a year...the shampooing comes free

bladedrose 3

I can get a wash, cut, razored, hot towel, scalp massage, and shoulder rub for 32

I can go to cost cutters and get a drg cut for $12.00. I think the most I've spent on a haircut was $35.00. I remember when the stylist told me that it costed $19.00 just to.straighten it! That's ridiculous! I just need a trim every 6 months since I'm just letting it grow so I save money and let my mom or friend (who is a stylist) do it for free

My god where do you all live!? I get $20 haircuts and they're pretty damn good. But that might just be because I never ask for anything. I just ask for them to cut my hair short and I'm happy.

Haircuts for women are usually more expensive than for guys. But you're right, even then it is a tad bit too expensive!

bizarre_ftw 21

They're the really cheap looking places with the really fun seeming people They look cheap because they cut costs, and the people are awesome because they're good hairdressers (if you've ever tried to cut a wig into a new style, or looked closely at a /really/ good haircut, you know hairdressing truly is an art [also, side tip, give your hairdresser a general idea of what you want, but don't tell them exactly what it should look like. Allow them some artistic creativity, they are artists after all - would you tell a painter how to paint? - if they're a skilled hairdresser you'll end up with an incredibly awesome haircut]) Creative towns have more concentrated skilled hairdressers, but it is more common in the less puffed up places

caysters 12

People, if you spend 80 on a wash and cut, you're nuts...

Maybe they put olive oil in and this is the 70s and everyone put grease in their hair.

ugh wrong decade. it was primarily the 50's when people put grease in their hair, hence greasers. The Outsiders, Grease, and Happy Days were all set in the 50's/early 60's. The 70's hair trend was long hair.

The_Big_Boss 20

It's called shampoo. Give it a try sometime

Shampoo? What's that? I always sweat my grease off...

Who says she doesn't use shampoo? For all we know, she could wash her hair every day, which isn't always a good thing. Shampoos can strip your hair of its natural oils, and can cause your hair to be even greasier.

I'm sure OP doesn't appreciate being called a she.

I don't think he appreciates strangers jumping to conclusions and assuming he never washes his hair and has disgusting personal hygiene either.

You wouldn't post this FML if that was your concern.

Maybe he's new here and doesn't know how much FMLers like to get on the soapbox on just about everything? Or the shampoo box in this case?

I hope you weren't too lazy to wash your own hair that you'd rather have your hair stylist do it.

That would be absolutely asinine if OP actually did that, since the stylist probably added the wash into the final price.

My stylist always washes mine for free. But if she had to use 20 pumps of shampoo on greasy hair, I guess she would charge extra.

It's a hassle at times but you gotta get products to help if your hair is naturally more greasy.

Don't they always wash it before anyway?? She could have kept that to herself or atleast told you about products to help minimize the problem.

No, they don't always wash it before. You have to ask for it to be washed and it costs more money.

I've never been charged extra, but maybe I'm just lucky. All the places I've gone to tell everyone not to wash my hair at least a day prior to their appointments because it's a waste.

dontpanic_fml 32

I've also always had it offered at no additional cost.

hotPinklipstick 24

Technically shampooing isn't free. Haircuts aren't cheap because getting your hair washed is included in the cost. You're basically losing money if you get a haircut without getting a shampoo.

yea #76, i think that's why i thought they always jus wash it automatically because it's included.Where i go it's pretty exspensive either way,yikes!

I've also been told not to wash my hair prior to getting it done. I get highlights and for some reason, the dirtier it is, the quicker the highlights take to my hair. My stylist wants my hair as dirty as I can possibly stand it! Once she washes it, it feels amazing! It's like washing weeks worth of grub off my scalp! (:

TheDrifter 23

It's because hair oil is easier to wash out than shampoo residue. I get my hair done after work, when it's slightly sweaty and greasy, it washes up soft at the barber and it's not dry or frizzed when he's trying to cut it.

redmane 21

Enslaved- Your stylist wants your hair dirty because the natural oil helps to protect the hair cuticle from the added damage of the highlighting cream or bleach. Natural oil is harder to break through than artificial moisture. It won't lift color levels faster but it sure will keep your hair from being completely fried.

138, I agree and you absolutely know what you're speaking about.(: However, I've timed it and for some reason-- if my hair is clean vs oily, I sit under the hair dryer, wrapped in tinfoil, for usually 15 to 20 minutes longer. My stylist will continue checking it and tell me, I need more time 'cause my hair is being stubborn! Lol I thought that if my hair was clean, the dye would penetrate it faster. It's the opposite. My periods effect the timing of the dye process too. Something about my hormone levels. Still experimenting. :P

well my guy always washes my hair anyway before we start. I guess it makes my curly hair easier to cut. I don't mind it except for the previosly mentioned neck and sink problem.

Kaylalovesyouu 8

YDI for having your hair too greasy :/

That's like saying YDI for having dandruff or acne or having unruly eyebrow hair or being bald or having a big nose. You can have great hygiene and have hair that gets very greasy very quickly. Genetics are like that.

Still, most hairdressers will allow for some greasiness because they understand that not everybody has dry, easy to cut hair.They don't need your hair to be pristine, just clean. So if the hairdresser insisted on washing OP's hair first, then their hair probably just wasn't clean.

I have naturally greasy hair, so I wash my hair everyday. problem solved.

That's pretty nasty... How greasy was your hair? It must have been really greasy in order for the stylist to not be able to cut it....