By back to cock-hunting - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - Canada - Burnaby

Today, on our second date, the unemployed guy I'm seeing tried to convince me to open a joint bank account in our name. FML
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Gunguy 11

Seems like a good financial move to me.

You guys might as well get married.. think of the tax benefits.


Gunguy 11

Seems like a good financial move to me.


Buy a house together while you're at it.

Since we're making wise financial choices, maybe give that foreign heir a shout, wire him the money he needs to receive his inheritance.

drunkmunkey 24

What could possibly go wrong? Found yourself a guy that thinks he's a trophy... one word of advice: run

You ruined the joke -_-

rieebee 23

For him anyway!

Can we all take a moment to appreciate OP's name. XD

incoherentrmblr 21

Good Will Hunting...

You guys might as well get married.. think of the tax benefits.

he gets the money you get the cock your name implies you're in search of

pwnman 33


yeyeboys 20

Ya, just as soon as he gets a job and you two get married.

martin8337 35

He ain't getting no job, he is a hustler.

nyte_assassin1 11

Hey at least he's not batshit crazy

If this isn't being batshit crazy I wonder what is

nyte_assassin1 11

"If you don't marry me I'll kill myself!" On the second date that's batshit crazy

The question is: is he unemployed but rich?

I'm guessing no, since this is an FML..

Yea, a friend of mine works at a bank and had to reject a clients request for a credit card since the client was unemployed. He was living of the interest the bank was paying him for keeping his money.

I too #7 was wondering why OP was in a 'cock-hunt'...I mean it would be scary if they found a guy with a great personality instead..

She's obviously hunting for chicken for one.

cryssycakesx3 22


That's rather offensive, objectifying men like that! Had the genders been flipped and it said "pussy hunt," there would be bombardments of angry feminism comments.

um #76 did you not realise OP's name is 'back to Cock-Hunting' and #7 was merely wondering what it was stated at. Also op is gay/bi so....Pretty sure there would be no 'pussy hunt' involved. Didn't see it as a sexest dig at men.

I pray you didn't

Now that's being ambitious

I hope OP meant the unemployed guy she WAS seeing, I wouldn't want to continue in a relationship like that...


Right, hopefully OP finds Mr. Right

hust because hes unemployed doesnt mean he doesnt deserve a chance you never know he might get a really good job

He was after a joint account, presumably for access to her money, on the SECOND DATE. He does not deserve a chance.




nyte_assassin1 11

The fucks up with your profile pic

that picture with the message xD