By Anonymous - 27/8/2021 16:01

Fantasy world

  Today, as I was approaching climax with the girl of my dreams, my mom walked in to ask if I had her car keys, took one look and told me I need to get out, find a real woman and stop watching porn with my headphones on, so I can hear when people are climbing the stairs to my room. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

The girl of your dreams lets you watch porn while you're having sex with her?

Hmm, not on my list of dream girl attributes, but whatever. Hope she wasn't too insulted by your mom's rude comment.

By  Plop  |  14

You weren't "approaching climax with the girl of [your] dreams". You were jerking it in your bedroom while watching porn. There's nothing wrong with taking care of oneself, but it's quite pathetic that you feel the need to phrase it like you were doing something romantic.
The girl of your dreams is probably getting rawdogged as we speak by some guy who doesn't spend his days beating his meat in a basement while thinking about her.