By Anonymous
Today, despite being the fittest member of my family, with a good exercise routine and a decent diet, I'm the only one who was just diagnosed with diabetes. Meanwhile, the rest of my family are fat, lazy slobs who eat like shit, but are otherwise healthy as horses FML
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By  alycion  |  38

It sucks, but nobody deserves to get any illness they have or you feel they should have over you. I understand there is a grieving period for the changes that are in your life now. I went through it every time I got diagnosed with something new and will continue to. But I wouldn’t even wish it on those who caused it.

By  Cordy7  |  3

Type 1 or Type 2? Type 1 has nothing to do with diet or exercise. It’s caused by the body’s inability to produce it’s own insulin.

Type 2 has been linked to diet and exercise, but still doesn’t have on specific cause.