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Today, I asked for time off from work for my wedding and honeymoon. A grand total of three days. My boss made a face like he'd sucked on rancid toes and asked me if I was stupid. Awesome. FML
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well next time you get married plan it for a wednesday, get 5 days instead


Looks like your boss will never get married!

Wow, what a butt! Only 3 days? I'd take a week...that's ridiculous of your boss. Has he never heard of a wedding and honeymoon or something?? Time off work should be a given! Congrats btw OP!

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I can only imagine how the holiday season will be...

Why is Thepurplecow getting thumbed down?

For the same reason that you're getting thumbed down #80.

well next time you get married plan it for a wednesday, get 5 days instead

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That may be what she did. Assuming she doesn't work weekends, Wednesday to Friday would be three business days off. Then she would get two more free days on the weekend for a total of five. Just a theory.

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I don't think that explanation was really needed. I think anyone with half a brain would get what they meant. But this is fml after all...

I'd guess Monday to Wednesday. Considering weddings are usually over weekends and OP is also going on a honeymoon.

#43, I was married on a Wednesday just a few weeks ago and had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon! :) It worked perfectly and exactly the way the previous commenters stated: three days of missed work plus the free weekend (two additional days). We were married in the evening, though, so that more people would be able to attend. Wednesday weddings are the bomb.

assuming she gets married again... otherwise that wasn't needed

"next time you get married"....this comment has all the awesomeness of the world and the universe in it!!!!!!! love it!

I would hate your boss. Why would he not let you take the time off?? Obviously he's never been married

or if she's asking a few days before rather than several weeks in advance.

Or the boss got mad because he wasn't invited! Lol!

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#20 To the wedding or the honeymoon? o.O

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Or he is like Prince Humperdink and hates the love of her life

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I love the Princess Bride reference:)

If the boss didn't like her, she never would've gotten hired. I bet he's just mad because he didn't get invited. :P

I'm just curious where OP works considering three days off for a wedding is a no go for the employer...

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That's a sign that you should either find another employer or you shouldn't get married...

no, thats just a sign that OP's boss is an (gender pending) ass hole or a bitch.

66 - "My boss made a face like he'd sucked on rancid toes and asked me if I was stupid." Note the "he'd".

yes #7 because trying to go over his head isn't going to further piss him off genius Idea.

Call in sick and start submitting job applications elsewhere. If you have an otherwise sparkly résumé, ask him to remove the stick up his ass for the sake of his other employees as you resign, and don't list this boss as a reference. Congratulations on the wedding!

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Hopefully you left anyways. Getting married to the right person is way more important than any job.

Really though, if she hasn't planed enough in advance, she deserves it. A wedding is just a party for the most part, and lots of people go on their honeymoon well after the wedding. How is OP going to pay for the wedding if she doesn't have a job?

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Your obviously not the brightest bulb. A wedding is the most important day in any couples life. That what they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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Just like Buttercup and Westley running away from Prince Humperdink on the white perfectly bred horses!

I would the birth of you children would be a couples most important day. And it's a lot harder to plan the exact day of that

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first off. how you know what sucking on rancid toes is like? and second. thats just not right of him to deny you time off.

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Everybody knows what sucking on rancid toes is like. What?? Just me? Damn...