By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Ireland

Today, I cycled 30 minutes through hail and rain to get my pregnant girlfriend the crisps she was craving. When I made it back, she didn't want them anymore. FML
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Should've got her chocolate. No girl refuses chocolate! :3

Aww, it's really sweet that you did that :) save the crisps for another time, she'll probably have that craving again.


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been there. pregnant women suck

You sure about that man? Because, seriously, I'm more than sure there are women happy to know men like OP are out there. Takes a lot to get your significant other to do that these days.

If they suck how did they get pregnant? Seriously, wrong end man

I think the comment was a little tongue in cheek, geez.

bc they didnt suck before they were pregnant...derrrrrrr

#22 women could probably reduce those lower back pains by stop being lazy and fat and work out that core.

Yes, #83, because the child growing in their lower abdominal region is obviously the best indicator to start working out and doing strenuous activities. [/sarcasm]

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I can see both sides, tbh. personally, I'd do this for my pregnant gf. however, if I went through all that nonsense to get her what she wanted and then randomly didn't want it anymore? I wouldn't care if she was having a kid or not, that's no excuse. that's just plain ungrateful, and if I were in OPs shoes, I would've told her to get whatever else she needed her damn self. But that's just me I guess...

That's why you don't get a woman nothingZ

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#17 I see what you did there.

umm...100...they're called cravings. ask any pregnant woman out there, they fluctuate like crazy. so don't take it personally when she doesn't want the snack you got for her. hormones get screwed over too, causing mood swings. ask your mom about her experience with you. guaranteed, it's not all rainbows and butterflies.

umm you can get those pains regardless of weight or anything, I get lower back pains every month and I'm nowhere close to fat

All of you shut up. OP was very sweet. :)

They're called cravings, and Ops wife can't control them. It was nice to see a guy who actually supported his girlfriend after getting her pregnant, though.

Should've got her chocolate. No girl refuses chocolate! :3

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I bet you're ugly. oh wait. I can tell from the picture

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I am one if those people haha

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How can you see their picture?

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I couldn't eat chocolate while I was pregnant. It made me nauseous! then again, the only thing I really craved was one of those big soft pretzels from Auntie Anne's! LOL

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I am one of em :D OP ur gf is lucky! nd it's not her fault cuz when girls get pregnant they change their mind a lot ... at least thats wt I heard dnk lol correct me if am wrong :)

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Actually his girlfriend asked him so he was being nice

#14 Dude, seriously? O.O Anyway, i'm actually the Cookie Monster, but i'm on a chocolate diet right now.

I was just trollin' guys why so serious O.o

#104 Uh-ho. Well, there's a fine line between trolling and being a bitch. Anyway its cool. Next time, you could tell us about your amazing horse that you own, or ask us about Magnets. Just saying Hanimon. x)

No there isn't, really. Some ppl just take everything a little too seriously. I hate horses btw (:

#108 So if there's no line, does that mean you're a bitch then? xD Anyway, what about Unicorns then?

No there isn't, really. Some ppl take thing just a little too seriously :) but wtf? horses and magnets?

#114 Exactly. That's pure troll material. I think you haven't really grasped the idea of being a troll, hanimon. Being a troll doesn't not mean you just have to been an asshole and piss people off. Go to artoftrolling to learn your meme well. Good luck to thee, aspiring troll!

okay guys YOU GOT ME I guess I'm not that much of a troll. Sorry for assuming u were fat OP :-)

Okay guys YOU GOT ME I guess I'm not that much of a troll. Sorry for assuming u were fat OP (:

Oh, its cool hanimon. x) I'm actually a guy, and don't even eat chocolate. But my GF does, and she sure looks lovely, just as you do. Also, do Google "Art of Trolling", and check out the first result. I hope it helps you learn more about trolling. Live long and prosper, fellow aspiring troll!

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I got that bitch some chocolate. Bitches love chocolate.

I gave that bitch the world.. Bitches love worlds!

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#3 agree! totally about to say that!! op is a dumbass.

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3 - or OP can't afford it because he has a kid on the way and is saving up?

You're having a kid and don't have a car to drive when it's nasty out? ...

Maybe they do have a car and it was in the shop at that particular time. Just a thought.

or he left the car just in case she needed it

unless he's too young to legally drive.... yet his girlfriend is pregnant.... BAD DECISION!!!!!!

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You're about to be a father and you don't have a car? How do you plan to get her to the hospital? YDI for taking too many risks. Poor kid....

Once again, maybe they do have a car and it was in the shop at that time. You guys should really be more open-minded. Just saying.

Nah, they're going to cycle to the hospital.

Nah, they're going to cycle to the hospital. "Get in the basket honey"

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honestly, not everyone in the world has a car, car's are a convenience not a necessity i feel like people are starting to forget that.

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85 - In today's world, most times a car is a necessity. Things are more spread out due to population, technology, resources, and more limited/specialized employment opportunities. Not 100% a necessity, but definitely more so than not.

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Huh that's funny... didn't mention anything about having a car or having a car in the shop.... hmmmm...

Or he doesn't live in America where you need a car to get anywhere. Cars not always needed these days.

Aww, it's really sweet that you did that :) save the crisps for another time, she'll probably have that craving again.

actually he's an idiot for posting it on FMyLife and an even bigger idiot for thinking he'll get sympathy

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that is so nice... I doubt there are many other guys out there that'd do the same thing..

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#4+5are so right. And I am pretty sure she probably apprecaited what you did for her though:)

she doesnt appreciate it shes pregnant lol

Well... you can live with the knowledge that you're a rather incredible boyfriend, doing that for her.

I wish I could bike through hail and rain and have a baby!!!!(: you're a lucky man op. Congrats(:

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One way or another, the bitch would have had crisps shoved up/down/in some orifice...