By Anonymous - / Wednesday 1 July 2009 02:39 / United States
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  chrisgllgs  |  0

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  megapeyt  |  17

Dude no one cares about you. I agree, you're lying about your "cousin being shot." You could have posted "I'm 16 and know how to unhook a bra," the fact that you inserted that bit about failing your sophomore year was you trying to make yourself sound like a badass. Reality is, they said it, you'll make less in a lifetime at mcdonalds than he will in a year.

  Mnemic  |  4

I think hypoxxia was replying on TheChanel. ;)

@OP well I would say try to practice but... go to a store where they sell bra's where you can unlock them on the show dolls there. :-P I suck at it as well sometimes but I got a good pair of scissors...

  lmmmr  |  0

I'm sorry, no one who refers to themselves as "a women" is qualified to speak on women's behalf.

And I definitely don't think one handed is a turn on. Just kinda makes me think of all the bras he must have been unhooking in the mean time. And I agree with #36.

By  deadpoetic333  |  0

It really isn't that hard... I learned fairly quickly. They know how to make it complicated; squirming and giggling all playfully. Know how to do it smoothly and quick while they're doing that, you're good haha.

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