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Today, I realized that a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering does not offer enough knowledge and experience to accomplish some simple, everyday tasks. I have spent the last 12 years designing large robots to scour the seabed for shipwrecks yet the mechanism used to unhook a bra eludes me. FML
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Inspiration for a new robot to design maybe?

Honestly it sucks for you. You failed your sophmore year.


hahaha dont worry it is kind of tricky :P

Just takes practice. I can do it in about three seconds now. ;)

liviis_luck 0

hahaha this is kinda cute but all i could think was you couldn't do it because your a nerd!

I can in less time then that and just the one hand xD

My time is now determined by number of hooks. Three hooks or less, under a second. :3

It's not that tricky. At first it's kinda tricky, but after you realize whatcha gotta do, it's really easy. xD

The real trick is being able to do it with your feet in that time. ;D

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OP win: "to accomplish simple, everyday tasks." lol'ed when I saw this…was I the first to pick this up?

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shut up 179 she's a he'll of a lot smattering than u what do u do work on street corners soliciting sex?

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geez really with the hate? ^^^^

Why do people have trouble with it, it's a ******* hook, not that hard to figure out!!!

I can do it with one hand through a shirt:p. i want it off fast:)

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bro, there are 2 seams, just pinch them together and it almost always works. it may take a try or 2 but you'll get it

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algood. it all depends on the bra ay

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It takes you 5 minutes to realize that there is no opening in the back?

It took you 5 minutes to realize it was velcro?

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Don't worry, I'm sure he will have a breakthrough eventually.

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im 16 i failed my sophmore year and i still know how to un hook a bra easily :P sucks for you

Honestly it sucks for you. You failed your sophmore year.

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Probably because you spent all your time having sex instead of studying. OP, don't worry, a lot of guys have trouble with it.

Yeah, FYL. You can unhook a bra but your life savings is the OP's pocket change.

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sorry still don't feel sorry for you if you're proud of knowing how to unhook a bra.

lol I have to agree with #59 and the rest :P Also OP: FYL

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Dude no one cares about you. I agree, you're lying about your "cousin being shot." You could have posted "I'm 16 and know how to unhook a bra," the fact that you inserted that bit about failing your sophomore year was you trying to make yourself sound like a badass. Reality is, they said it, you'll make less in a lifetime at mcdonalds than he will in a year.

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Being able to unhook a bra and failing your sophomore year isn't something to brag about.

awe :( Yeah, from a women's perspective, it's kinda hot when a guy can do it one handed. However, if you struggle with it, it's kind of a turn off FYL sorry dude

It's not a turn off, but it's not a turn ON either. It's neither of those for me. Personally, I think it's pretty cute. x)

Did I say it was a turn on? No. I said it WASN'T a turn on either. Lol@u for being a dumbass and not reading correctly and then mocking me for what I DIDN'T say.

I think hypoxxia was replying on TheChanel. ;) @OP well I would say try to practice but... go to a store where they sell bra's where you can unlock them on the show dolls there. :-P I suck at it as well sometimes but I got a good pair of scissors...

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I'm sorry, no one who refers to themselves as "a women" is qualified to speak on women's behalf. And I definitely don't think one handed is a turn on. Just kinda makes me think of all the bras he must have been unhooking in the mean time. And I agree with #36.

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i_imagine youre the dumbass he wasnt even talking to you about the turn-on. way to look like a ******* idiot

Dood... I'd be so mad. Nice bra's are expensive!

Well, building robots and helping develop future technologies is more productive than unhooking a bra right?

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At least "NERD" probably makes more money in a year than you'll make in a lifetime,you idiot

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Psh, my boyfriend is a gamer and a marine bio nerd (with a master's, mind you) and he can unhook a bra like a pro.

It really isn't that hard... I learned fairly quickly. They know how to make it complicated; squirming and giggling all playfully. Know how to do it smoothly and quick while they're doing that, you're good haha.