Bae goals

By ninithel - 02/09/2021 16:01 - United Kingdom

Today, I learned that when my partner says, "Let's cuddle up, watch something and spend the night together," he means ,"I'm gonna wank and fall asleep at 8.30 with my phone playing videos." FML
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Major Ahull 3

There's a thing called a "Danger wank", where you call someone and try to knock one out before they get there and catch you. Maybe he was doing this. If so, you should be supportive that he accomplished his goals. Otherwise, you could ruin his self-esteem.

taylor_b22 7

How could that ruin his self esteem? He was stupid enough to rub one out with a real life female on the way HE would deserve that fml,, just as they deserve this one 💯💯

Plenty of time for you to go out to the pubs and get some.

DarkJester200278 1

Why do you think he'd settle for a wank instead?