By AlbertEinstein_ - 16/07/2012 19:21 - Ireland

Today, I made microwaveable popcorn. When the bag finished popping, I took it out and opened it and put my face in close to get a big whiff. It now feels like I have third degree burns inside my nose and behind my eyes. FML
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This is my FML, i had to make an acc to comment! I know, people, this was so incredibly stupid!! I have no idea why the hell I thought that would be a good idea, I think I wanted to check if there was salt in it before I left the kitchen (no idea how smelling it would clarify) so that I wouldn't have to get back up! I totally deserved this one, and I will surely never, ever do this again! My original FML had "And yes, it is possible to be this stupid" at the end, but that must've been edited out :( And I put the name Albert Einstein cause it was ironic or something, I don't know. But I certainly didn't think I was smart or anything....And my eyes still hurt :(

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...Have you never made popcorn before? Or read the big letters on the bag that say; "CAUTION: CONTENTS ARE HOT!"?

People like you are the reason we have warning labels.


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... At least OP can spell out full words. -_-'

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U is a letter, not a word. I believe you meant to say "You".

We're not talking about "U" right now. The FML Is about OP

Some times things happen in the heat of the moment. I get excited for small thins resulting in FMLs but it doesn't mean I'm stupid, 1. Probably the same for OP.

This is one of the things I love about most of the commenters on this site. Only literate and decent responses are allowed - it's like FML has its own filter for stupidity. I love you guys.

I think we react that way because she seems aggressive, and not since she made a mistake...

First post pressure! NO TIME FOR SPELLING!

I honestly don't see why it matters if she said "u" or "you." I bet everyone on here uses "u" instead of "you" all the time. It's convenient and easier. It's one thing if the FML is written like that, but if it's a comment, I don't think we should worry about it.

GhostDuck 30

71- Speak for yourself, but I for one don't use "u" instead of "you" because it gets annoying reading text talk; "u", "ur", etc. can get confusing sometimes, also.

71 - Yeahhh, **** that. I barely even text people who can't take the time to put in 2 extra letters. If you're that lazy, set up shortcuts so you can still spell like an idiot without annoying people.

71- please do not speak on my behalf, you have no idea how any types/texts.

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I'd like you to tell me exactly how OP deserved it.

GhostDuck 30

No, it's an ACRONYM... Go back to primary school and learn what an acronym is, dumbass. -.-'

71, how is typing "u" instead of "you" easier? Your hands are already in ******' motion. Taking a second (not even) to press the "y" and the "o" not only takes the same amount of time but makes you look... not illiterate.

uhwhiteguy 0

Really? who the **** uses the letter "u" because they can't spell the word "you"? But u and 50 other people have to come along to try to make her look stupid when in the process ur making yourselves complete dipshits...

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Lol, now bitch at me for not saying laugh out loud

thiscrazything 1

Wow, this IS FML, YDI ! Many of us never use a keyboard, only a phone, so the "text mode" comes natural. Why make such a big deal?

132, That is one of THE most contradictory comments I have ever read. You ask "who the **** uses u because they can't spell the word you?" and in the next sentence promptly uses u when you should've used you. Also, I wanted to let you know that I just now made this account to let you know how stupid your previous comment was probably do have third degrees burns....YDI

Wow that really sucks OP, but as much as I hate to say it, there are warnings all over the box about what you did so YDI.

syley 5

Op probably also wrote his name wrong cause if that was his real name I don't think he'd have done this

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#63 those mofos got mad high thermal energy capacities.

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I am a sad, SAD little virgin. Just throwin' it out there so you guys can rightfully judge me. Women scare the shit out of me; that's why I sit around in my mum's basement all day long shamefully rubbing one out to Michael Jordan. I'm done here. Wee-woo, etc. etc.

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90: are you single? Because I think I know why.

dominic1221 6

Uuuhh.... thanks for sharing?

Your username tells us different, OP.

90: So you left FML open and somebody decided to post something stupid while pretending to be you? Happens to the best of us. Good luck out there!

brohamas16 7

Haha I'll be honest that gets me every time

You get third degree burns every time you make popcorn?

I'm not going to lie, but #3's picture looks like he has slight burns on his face. Maybe he does do it often :O

Well he did say it gets him every time.

Yep, #3 isn't the brightest crayon in the box.

brohamas16 7

I meant like I always go to smell the popcorn

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...Have you never made popcorn before? Or read the big letters on the bag that say; "CAUTION: CONTENTS ARE HOT!"?

My thoughts exactly. Even just opening it with your hands you can feel the extreme heat.

If this were in the USA you could sue the popcorn company and probably win. That's how ****** up it is here.

jellycorn 13

Anti mild? Isn't it anti mould?

That's why you always make sure you leave it open for like two seconds or you most definitely will get burned but you probably shouldn't of looked in.

Shouldn't HAVE, not of, damn people are getting stupider by the year :/

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Calm down 108. Correcting is acceptable but name calling is no-no.

People like you are the reason we have warning labels.

skullofdarkness 18

Not really, 'cause OP clearly didn't read them...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I'm scared to death of microwave popcorn! =P it always feels like I'm going to be hurt...and I especially hate the random pops that go off as I'm holding the bag D: Anyways, YDI for sticking your face that close XD

You goddamn fool. Putting your face over a steam receptacle. More fool you.