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Today, I had gum surgery. I can't laugh. I can't smile. I can't talk. I can't eat. All I can do is wait for the pain medication to kick in. FML
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OP cant laugh eh. I better not say anything funny then. Too bad because I totally had something for this.

bfrench95 0

You can still play call of duty :)

n_epic_fail 14

Makes that new years resolution to lose weight easier doesn't it? (that's a lot of peoples resolution)

Grab a book, lay in bed and have some juice. Reading is great distraction and avoiding people should keep you from having to move your mouth at all. Good luck.

Jakesterk96 8

I can't laugh at this FML. I can't smile while reading this FML. I can't talk to someone about this FML. I can't eat after reading this FML.

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I may have to have the same surgery. Now I'm afraid because I was told "it's not that bad". Figures.

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Im finding it hard to do anything! You see I can't smile without you!

Aww. That sucks op. I wouldn't be on this website then...

If i was the OP, your comment would have caused me pain.

Crush up the pills, you'll feel nothing but happy very, very shortly.

GoW_Chick 14

Let's not have OP snorting pills like an addict lol.

I'm not trying to influence OP, just suggesting an option! :D

You're relaying known information.. I was condoning that OP should do that.. Everyone needs to settle down.. But if OP wants to have a bit more fun and has some self control then ehh.. ;)

GoW_Chick 14

Don't lie, your comment was thick with peer pressure, but hey everyone is doing it! :P

I guess your "shtick" on this website is to come up with the most stupid and dangerous "advice" that you can and then dance around saying "It's only an suggestion." Got it.

I caught you on that cat shit and now you've got me cornered on the drugs.. Oh shucks. I guess I'll admit it. CRUSH EM UP OP! Go go go! :P

Oh so serious Ambrosia.. Obviously GoW_Chick is the only one who understands how non-serious my comments are.. At least someone does.

#38 thank you for pointing out the obvious..

5 you really should learn to be more careful about what you say on the Internet.. Jokes! Who really cares!!


Hey she may as well get the most enjoyment out of an otherwise painful problem. Plus op can't had mouth surgery so swallowing might suck so snort up!

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Um okay well I'm sure that everyone who has ever gone to a dentist has felt this way atleast once

bitchslapped22 14

She got gum SURGERY, she didn't just get her gums numbed.

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Thank you I know how to read, I meant the pain.

Eggers 2

CVe reading isn't your problem, it's comprehension.

Despite the fact that you pointed out that you understood the OP, that comment managed to make you look more ignorant.

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You can't use straws after dental surgery

Everclear? Why would OP want to listen to a whiner sing about how much their dad screwed up their childhood and about how he's going to be such a better father? To me, that crap would make the pain unbearable.

Lmfaooooooo @37. Im sure he meant the alcoholic drink not the band. Besides what could you possibly want a straw for if your going to listen to everclear and not drink it? XD

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Once those pain pills kick in you won't even care. I wish you a speedy recovery OP.

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Don't worry, it will be over with soon, keep smiling

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I don't think OP smiling would help the situation.

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12- Did you not read the FML? She can't smile!

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