By Anonymous - 15/1/2021 19:58

What's the point?

Today, my university required us to set learning goals for each semester and then evaluate them later. And no, the answer, "I want to learn whatever they teach me in the classes I’m taking" isn't permitted. Neither is picking your own classes. FML
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By  DoctorPALO  |  11

So exactly how hard is this to do? You have decided on a course of study, presumably. What's so hard about stating that you want to learn things to achieve your goals? Are you really that lazy?

By  Chazzster  |  20

Look up the course description and just reword that in your own words. Think of this as practice for when you are employed. Many professional workers have to do essentially what you are being asked to do. The only good thing about it is that an employer too lazy to write up your objectives is also too lazy to write up the results of that too. So you get to write up how well you performed those objectives too. A wise worker will keep that in mind.

  DoctorPALO  |  11

When working on a higher degree there are often prescribed courses of study. Would you want a guy doing your surgery or your taxes who chose only to take PE or English classes?