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By blahdyblahblah33 - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was rushed to the emergency room. Apparently, there is only one serious side effect of getting your tonsils out when you're an adult, which is only seen in about 1% of patients: bleeding of the throat. It can be deadly. I'm part of that 1%. FML
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I faced the same issue..... In the hospital for two and a half weeks! Good luck hope ya get to feelin better soon.....


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I faced the same issue..... In the hospital for two and a half weeks! Good luck hope ya get to feelin better soon.....

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My god, they finally posted my FML. Thank you, to everyone who said get better.

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you know whats funny your tonsils are bleeding... BUT u have time to write an FML??? that makes sense!

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if you die can I have your house/apartment/dwelling?

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If I died, sure, you could have it. But, my mom might be a little upset.

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Hope you get better, sorry that happened though.

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1 out of 100 (: not so lucky lol

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shit that happens to me as well my stitches came out so I was choking on them and blood feel better seriously:/

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hate to tell you but youre wrong about the surgery. not only is there a risk of bleeding but the obvious risk of infection. youve got an open wound, in your MOUTH, usually a result of prolonged infection. by the way, even wikipedia points out the risk of bleeding is higher: "The morbidity rate associated with tonsillectomy is 2% to 4% due to post-operative bleeding; the mortality rate is 1 in 15,000, due to bleeding, airway obstruction, or anesthesia.[4]" if you went in thinking a tonsillectomy was going to be a simple procedure with no risk of problems then youre fooling yourself. the recovery rate alone is long enough to give you the indication that its serious, and in most cases done unnecessarily.

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it's a common current policy that tonsils are no longer removed except in cases that the patient would has a strong possibility of acquiring symptoms that would greatly affect their quality of life due to the new data and information they have on the tonsils and their purpose and effect on the development of the body and it's immune system. in surprised you had yours taken out op. hope all is well.

72- why did you take the time to look it up on wikipedia? not many people even bother to read your stupid, I'm right and you're not comments.

Apparently the nutritionist is now an otolaryngologist. Trusting "facts" from wikipedia is dangerous at best.

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There's a reason we are banned from using it as a resource at uni.

I like to go one Wikipedia and edit things to where they sound legit but in fact aren't :)

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Wikipedia told me that George Bush died in 1994

it also told me that Ryan dunn died In a homicidal shooting. wikipedia is like a troll dictionary

you know what's funny "holymolybro"? it says you've got 0 out of 11 FMLs posted.....

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Yes, I know. I've tried reloading it plenty of times.

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as much as id love to post a proper reply here, fml isnt letting me. i will say though, the response to my comment is somewhat surprising, and i have no doubt few or none of you have actually done any research to see if i was actually incorrect.

dude you trust Wikipedia!? half of the crap on there is fake or outdated!! I wouldn't bet anything that the statement is true

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I'm sure 147 was just trying to help? Do you all seriously have to gang up on him? Leave it alone, if you didn't like his comment, thumb it down, don't try to start a fight. It's FML people have their own views, who says his wasn't correct? or incorrect? Chill.

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the same thing happened to me D: sucks

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and your on FML?? what's your problem?

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thanks tips, too bad nobody gives a crap!

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Me too!!!! What are the chances....?

us normal people have to stick together. burn the rest!!

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1% is kinda high when you think of it. Getting your tonsils out is a very common thing. This happens to 1 of every 100, thats quite a lot of people. Think about it.

81- it's not a common thing at all. someone's already explained that it has to be a very, very serious case to have your tonsils taken out.

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True, for instance mine were removed as a child because they were too big for my throat and I couldn't breathe. It has to be a serious reason.

i got mine out when i was five because they were constantly infected :/ i thought it was common as i know loads of people without them... but maybe thats just Australia for you :D we are a tough nation :)

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I just got ny tonsils put 2 weeks ago my throats a little sore still but I'm getting better ad they told me that bleedig was possible but VERY rare apparetly 1% but they said as long as you eat soft foods so it doesn't scratchthe scabs off in the back it should be fine. on my first night home I threw up blood but they said it was normal if this is OPs case he is fine. it's only bad if they throw up a blood clot.

94- but one percent is a lot if u consider that millions of people have their tonsils out...

Got 99 problems but surgical side effects of removing your tonsil ain't one?

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How can it be an epic fail, if it were a side effect of getting her tonsils removed? She did not have the choice of weather or not to!

u r jus the worst type of person -.-

Are you kidding me? This is a serious thing, OP could DIE. Anyway,get better OP I hope everything goes ok.

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asshole that isn't a epic fail stupid ass what the hell is wrong with you dumbass

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Sorry, get better. I had mine out a couple months ago I'm only 13 and that was horrible. Worst pain ever. must be worse for you. ):

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ur thirteen:O? anyways this vato needs some superglue

you are still 13, how come you're on here. I thought it's for +18. at least that what I had to approve to download the app for my iPhone

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53- Everyone on the FML app is over 18, just like everyone reads the terms and conditions when signing up for something, right? Also, if you weren't aware, the internet has no restrictions or age limits.

Wow I wish girls at my school looked half as good as you...

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@61 yeah only losers read terms and conditions when signing up for something...right? so i need you to sign this piece of paper, dont worry about reading it, its just a bunch of T&C's and nobody cool reads those, especially since theyre only legally binding contracts.

oh you are all dumb. ok you have to be 13+ to have any Facebook Twitter Fml etc. yes there are internet rules that help protect minors and dome websites create their own.

I'm 15. I guess I'm not allowed here anymore. (cries and walks away)

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At 74, there's a big difference between a legally binding contract and terms and conditions for downloading an app. Quit being annoying, your ruining the fun of FML.

hey:) my names corey:) text me? 360-631-9989

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You can never be too sure about those things. Febreeze gets rid of 99.9 percent of odors but there is still that mysterious 0.1 percent odor looming in the distance. Sometimes I have nightmares about this.

So many things are 99.99 percent...Make you wonder what the odds are for you to be the .01 percent for every single thing.

Lysol is 99.9% effective with .1% germs left o.O birth control 99.9% also I'm paranoid now .....


hand sanitizer is 99.9% too!!! THE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US!!! STOCKPILE FOOD AND WEAPONS!!!

iAmScrubs 19

That is how I picture 2012 happening. All of those 0.1 percent germs coming together and saying "You tried to kill us but you couldn't!" They then attack humans and kill everyone.

I'm pretty sure Justin Bieber is the manifestation of all those .1 percent germs.


And the worlds fate will rest on Chuck Norris's shoulders. He will either save or destroy us all :O

Either way, we will accept our fate willingly from a hero such as Chuck Norris.

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This reminds me of ShayCarl talking about the 0.01% germ that gets left behind on your hands after using sanitizer, and how that 1 super-germ will rise up and kick your ass.

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Maybe Chuck Norris is also the manifestation of all the .01% badass germs....

Maybe. So I understand where Chuck Norris and Bieber come from. How do we explain Lady Gags. She is an anomaly.


I dont wanna know where she is from...

Condoms are actually either 93% or 89%. BC pills are also less than 99

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Not fun to be a minority sometimes, eh? Feel better, girl.

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Hey chink! Go make me a sandwich.

hey that shit happened to me and that was the worst! afraid of sleeping cause you'll bleed on the pillow and sheets :/

that happens during my uh happy monthly time.

your period isn't in your throat so I'm sure it doesn't get on your pillow, ^

That happened to me as well, but I wasn't worried about my sheets. I was afraid to go to sleep because it feels like you're going to drown in your own blood :/