By teenagesyndrome - 06/09/2015 18:33 - United States - Windsor

Today, while working at a wedding reception, I caught a couple getting touchy in the back of the room, but I swept it under the rug. Apparently, they didn't like getting caught, and reported me to my boss, claiming sexual harassment. I now have to attend social sensitivity training once a week. FML
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teenagesyndrome tells us more.

Update! I talked to my boss about it and he agreed that it seemed odd that I'd do something like that, but said that he had placed the punishment just in case. I'm off the hook though, so no training for me!

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I just don't see what possesses people to do things like this. Surely there are cameras or some form of proof that would change your boss' mind?

Wow! For one common sense wins the day. Has Hell frozen over?


menial jobs are the best

I just don't see what possesses people to do things like this. Surely there are cameras or some form of proof that would change your boss' mind?

i dont see what business it was of his to interrupt. as long as they arent hurting anyone just let them be

It's at a wedding reception, have some decency, no one wants to see a couple making out and doing other stuff, that's what porn is for.

Okay #34 I have seen many comments of yours and I am getting really irritated. Having sex in public is not an okay thing. Want to know why? Because it is public nudity/indecency which is against the law. So you keep saying who has the right to judge people who have sex in public. Why not an actual judge. Because if they get caught, they might end up in front of one.

Try talking to your boss about it, hopefully you can explain yourself

krazayman 18

im sure op tried. i doubt they would just not defend themselves

What the hell? I'm sorry you had to go through that OP. Some people in this world have some serious issues, and YOU are not one of them!

dakotaabriannee 14

Maybe they were scared you'd report them first? That's disgusting and so disrespectful to just openly engage in sexual activity in public like that.

and who are you to judge?

stfu you dumb whore

whatarethisss 23

So immature of them.

I can only imagine that conversation with your boss.. "Yeah, me and Barb were getting intement and Josh saw it but wouldn't report us like 'what the hell man?! Don't you know that's against the rules!' I'd like to make a formal complaint about his negligence to follow company policy!"

*intimate? *internet?

thatonetribute 31

That is so stupid! What a couple of morons. I'm sorry, OP.

You should report that to your boss as that was what actually happened, you life sucks Op.

Mooglefox 23

No good deed goes unpunished

This is not one of those cases.

And this is a good deed how?

no *lazy deed goes unpunished. nobody wants to se one of their friends or relatives "gettin it on"

amd nobody wants to be interrupted while getting it on. he shouldn't have said anything to them. i HIGHLY doubt that op's job is to stop sex from happening. if you are working a wedding, dont make yourself known unless there is a safety issue, or a property damage issue

What leads you to think OP said anything?