By teenagesyndrome - United States - Windsor
Today, while working at a wedding reception, I caught a couple getting touchy in the back of the room, but I swept it under the rug. Apparently, they didn't like getting caught, and reported me to my boss, claiming sexual harassment. I now have to attend social sensitivity training once a week. FML
teenagesyndrome tells us more :
Update! I talked to my boss about it and he agreed that it seemed odd that I'd do something like that, but said that he had placed the punishment just in case. I'm off the hook though, so no training for me!
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  GreekGleek6  |  22

Okay #34 I have seen many comments of yours and I am getting really irritated. Having sex in public is not an okay thing. Want to know why? Because it is public nudity/indecency which is against the law. So you keep saying who has the right to judge people who have sex in public. Why not an actual judge. Because if they get caught, they might end up in front of one.

By  arandomperson97  |  18

I can only imagine that conversation with your boss.. "Yeah, me and Barb were getting intement and Josh saw it but wouldn't report us like 'what the hell man?! Don't you know that's against the rules!' I'd like to make a formal complaint about his negligence to follow company policy!"

  phreaker913  |  21

amd nobody wants to be interrupted while getting it on. he shouldn't have said anything to them. i HIGHLY doubt that op's job is to stop sex from happening. if you are working a wedding, dont make yourself known unless there is a safety issue, or a property damage issue