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I'm the OP. Wasn't looking for sympathy. Was actually a very funny situation, since my GF immediately ignored my Ex and we continued with our night like normal. Haters gonna Hate. Sad part is now I'm losing the Ex because she's pissed my GF didn't believe her :D
By Tim - / Friday 2 July 2010 15:43 / United States
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  xXLenaXx  |  0

Another "Today, I woke up being an asshole just like any other day, but today my assholedness has backfired straight back up my ass.... ouch. :( people, GIVE ME SYMPATHY." post. Sigh.

  juddy5  |  0

op u r a dumbass @20 wins everything BEST. CALL. EVER. but serious op u thought you'd come on here and people would feel sorry for u bzzzz wrong dumbass mother fucker

  firecopy  |  6

fyl and the op said seeing on the side, not fucking on the side. I bet the op just wanted to become normal friends with the ex. although i guess he doesn't want to now.

  Daniiw07  |  0

so you lie to your gf? when what the ex was saying was truth? you obviously don't care or respect your gf to cheat on her and then lie when she is told the truth. you make me sick.

  kczey1234  |  0

that's what you get for going back to an ex. you obviously left her the first time for a reason, oh ya cause she's a bitch. probably planned that out for months

  chocodrop100  |  0

go number twenty four! dude, this is coming from a girl. if you're a lying, cheating douchemonkey, it's gonna come back and bite you in the ass. and your exgirlfriend was prolly tired of being the one "on the side". asshole.

  OverFlash  |  15

172, he did say in the in the FML post that he was seeing his ex gf on the side... what she said may not have been 100% accurate, but seeing her on the side at all was bad enough.

By  Randomassdude  |  0

lmfao awe doesn't your life suck you lumpy diarrhea piece of shit -_- you're pathetic. you deserve to die in a tragic anal sex accident involving a midget. a Cow and a chicken -_-

  GeneralCha  |  3

Everyone assumes that he actually is cheating on her. But what if he's not? What if the ex is just being a lying bitch and trying to fuck up ops life? Does no one think that's possible?

  mecolaya  |  0

why do you have to assume it's always the "crazy ex's" fault? there are just as many asshole guys as there are bitchy girls in the world. more, from my experience. sounds like both girls are getting fucked over in this scenario.

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