By Anonymous - United States
Today, a friend and I saw some deer outside my car. Since we were both leaving for college the next day we wanted to do something memorable so we decided to chase the deer. Turns out the deer wanted to chase us too. We ran for over five minutes screaming. FML
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  toelie  |  25

I don't know about deer, but a human can outrun a horse if both have to zigzag rather than run a straight line. A slalom course may have been involved for all we know.

  raiderh808  |  0

The relationship of weight to speed is not linear lol. My roommate is 160 and I am 140 and he is faster than me. Mainly because he's been training with our high school Alma Mater's track team as a coach and I haven't really trained lately. Kind of like a quarter horse or thorough bred is much faster than a smaaller pony.

By  FYLDeep  |  25

Last time I was involved in a confrontation with a deer, it ended up with a 12 gauge slug to the face. Then, to really add insult to injury, I ate him.