By Anonymous - / Saturday 22 January 2011 09:03 / United States
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  toelie  |  24

I don't know about deer, but a human can outrun a horse if both have to zigzag rather than run a straight line. A slalom course may have been involved for all we know.

  raiderh808  |  0

The relationship of weight to speed is not linear lol. My roommate is 160 and I am 140 and he is faster than me. Mainly because he's been training with our high school Alma Mater's track team as a coach and I haven't really trained lately. Kind of like a quarter horse or thorough bred is much faster than a smaaller pony.

By  FYLDeep  |  25

Last time I was involved in a confrontation with a deer, it ended up with a 12 gauge slug to the face. Then, to really add insult to injury, I ate him.